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Gyre Interface Module for XF130/230 Pumps - IceCap (DISCONTINUED)

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Gyre Interface Module for XF250 Pumps - IceCap (DISCONTINUED)

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Hook up your Maxspect Gyre or IceCap Gyre pumps to most 3rd party controllers using an available 0-10 volt control port. Controlling Gyre pumps with a controller lets you create custom daily wave profiles, and also control your pumps through your controller's software.


Two Models Available:

  • 1K/230 Series
  • 3K/250 Series


When using the Neptune Apex (or other controllers) with the Gyre Interface module it allows complete control over the pumps at any point throughout the day. With simple visible graphing, controlling the Gyre pumps has never been this simple. 

  • Change the Gyre’s flow pattern multiple times a day
  • Alternate pulsing frequency of the gyre
  • Set operating modes like; feed, night, service, etc.
  • Run Maxspect Gyre in Alternating Gyre Mode (additional cable required)
  • Battery Backup Compatible
  • Backward compatible with Maxspect 100 series.
  • Neptune Apex Ready


Another great feature of the module is that it allows you to hook up your gyre to a backup battery.  The module will automatically detect when main power is lost and will slow the gyre the 30% speed to extend the life of the battery. The module is backward compatible and will run gyres already on the market.


Whats Included:

Gyre Interface Module

Gyre Interface to Apex 0-10v Cable


Note: Interface module will control only one Gyre pump. Alternating Gyre Mode requires the Alternating Gyre Cable (sold separately). 


Gyre Quick Start Manual

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