Turbelle Stream 3 Controllable (660 to 3962 GPH) - Tunze

Turbelle Stream 3 Controllable (660 to 3962 GPH) - Tunze
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  • Turbelle Stream 3 Controllable (660 to 3962 GPH) - Tunze

Turbelle Stream 3 Controllable (660 to 3962 GPH) - Tunze

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Quick Overview

Controllable from 660 to 3962 GPH

The dead silent Tunze Stream 3 uses magnetic levitation technology to eliminate contact between moving parts with the only contact surfaces being zirconium oxide bearings. 

  • Controller Included

  • Magnetic Levitation

  • Vibrationless

  • Long Lasting

  • Virtually frictionless between parts

  • Can be controlled by 3rd party controllers

  • 5-Year Warranty


Full Details

Owners Manual


Smart Control

The Stream 3 includes a Tunze 7090 controller giving you full control over the pumps flow. The controller gives you multiple programming options including feed mode, wave simulation, oscillating current, night mode (Moonlight Photo Sensor 7097.050 required), and auto-adjust wave timing modes. The Tunze Stream 3 can also be controlled by 3rd party aquarium controllers like an Apex or a ReefKeeper.

Every pump also includes its own onboard LED interface with an intelligent operating condition monitoring system that keeps the pump running longer without maintence. Every 24 hours the pump automatically performs an 8-second backflushing operation to help remove any built up deposits that may have formed. Along with Tunze's 0.8Hz FishCare fuction helps prevent injury to any tank inhabitant that may find their way into the pumps propeller.



The Tunze Stream 3 can produce almost 4000 gph making it a perfect pump for large tanks, or even smaller tanks that require high flow. Choose between horizontal flow or vertical flow characteristics by just changing the orientation of the pump. Each Stream 3 comes with a flow grid to help keep unwanted critters from entering the pump. The also come with a flow deflector that will produce a wide beam of flow perpendicular to the Stream 3's body. The deflector can be angled in a variety of different directions allowing you to eliminate stagnant, or low-flow areas of the tank. The pump can also be run without the flow grid or deflector, giving the Stream 3 Pump a very strong, and wide flow pattern with the greatest efficiency.


Magnetic Levitation

The new innovative design utilizes a brushless magnetic bearing drive motor that literally levitates the impeller inside of the pump body. The design leads to less heat generated, less friction, and less vibration, which all lead towards a dead silent pump. The efficient design also allows the Tunze Stream 3 pump to produce more flow per watt than traditional style pumps.



Tank Size Recomendation - 75 - 800 gallons

Dimensions - 3.7" L x 2.7" W x 7.2" H

Min Flow - 660 GPH

Max Flow - 3962 GPH

Max Glass Thickness - 2/3" (15mm)

Cable Length - 5 Meters

Power Consumption - 3.5 W to 50 W @ 120VAC


What's Included?

1x Tunze Stream 3 Pump

1x Flow Deflector

2x Magnetic Mounting Sets

1x 7090 Controller

1x Power Supply

5 Year Warranty



1 Item

  • Tough as a boot...looks like one in your tank By Ryan on 7/6/2017

    I needed a pump to work opposite a maxspect gyre 250 because a corner overflow doesn't leave enough room for another gyre. Tunze's history of great products, my experience with magnetic levitation in other products, and the whopping 5-YEAR warranty are why I chose the Stream 3. Programming is pretty easy with the 7090 controller included, though if you want to pulse the pump for shorter than 2 seconds, you have to use the "auto adjust" feature which is a lot like deciding which shade of red you like with 150 choices streamed by in 10 seconds. (Don't like the one you picked? Start over from the top) I was able to create nice waves with it eventually.
    If you're like me and you can sacrifice sleekness and small footprints in exchange for something as tough as (and about as big as) a tank, this pumps for you. Though one potential weak spot is the motor cooling intake opposite the impeller which Tunze warns not to get closer than 5cm from sand as it can clog. I plan on cleaning this intake often as Heat+magnets = paperweight.
    Go ahead and plan to move some rock around to accommodate and hide it. If you plan on using the 90 degree diffuser, add another 2" of length to it. (Really)
    So far, the pump does exactly what I need it to do pretty quietly. I managed to fit it horizontally into a 75 gallon without too much trouble .


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