Syncra Silent 4.0 Pump (951 GPH) - Sicce

Sicce Syncra Silent 4.0 Pump (951 GPH)
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  • Sicce Syncra Silent 4.0 Pump (951 GPH)
  • Sicce Syncra Silent 4.0 Pump (951 GPH)
  • Sicce Syncra Silent 4.0 Pump (951 GPH)
  • Sicce Syncra Silent 4.0 Pump (951 GPH)
  • Sicce Syncra Silent 4.0 Pump (951 GPH)
  • Sicce Syncra Silent 4.0 Pump (951 GPH) Pump Cover
  • Sicce Syncra Silent 4.0 Pump (951 GPH) What's in the box

Syncra Silent 4.0 Pump (951 GPH) - Sicce

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Quick Overview

Why does BRS recommend this?

The Syncra Silent line of pumps come in many different sizes and will fit most tank needs.  Sicce uses high quality magnets in their pumps, which allows them to spin smoother with less noise than almost all other pumps in their price category.  If your tank needs a high flow return pump, or a smaller pump for a low flow reactor our first choice will always be Sicce.

Quiet, energy-efficient pump for a variety of uses in wet or dry application. Use in salt or freshwater.

  • Output: 952 GPH

  • Maximum Head Height: 12.6 Ft

  • Power Consumption: 80W

  • Inlet: 1" Female NPT or 1"-1 1/4" Hose

  • Outlet: 3/4" Female NPT or 3/4"-1" Hose

  • Dimensions: 6.81" x 3.90" x 4.65"


Full Details

Sicce Syncra Silent Instruction Manual

Sicce Syncra Silent Spec Sheet


  • 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty with online registration
  • Synchronous motor and advanced rotor result in 100% silent operation
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Ceramic shaft and bearings
  • Durable rotor and shaft
  • Applications: saltwater aquariums, protein skimmers, indoor fountains
  • Submersible or in-line use
  • 5.43psi
  • 6 Ft cord

Quick Compare - Sicce Syncra Silent Submersible Pumps

Model No. Flow Rate Power Consumption Amps Head Maximum Inlet/Outlet Dimension (Inches)
0.5 185 GPH 8W .12 4 Ft 0.5" - 0.7" 3.5" x 1.9" x 2.8"
1.0 251 GPH 16W .25 5 Ft 0.5" - 0.7" 3.5" x 1.9" x 2.8"
1.5 357 GPH 23W .43 6 Ft 0.6" - 0.8" 4.0" x 2.4" x 3.1"
2.0 568 GPH 35W .65 6.5 Ft 0.8" - 1" 4.8" x 3.3" x 4.1"
3.0 714 GPH 48W .43 9.9 Ft 0.8" - 1" 4.8" x 3.3" x 4.1"
3.5 660 GPH 68W .7 12.5 Ft 1" - 1.2"/0.8" - 1" 6.8" x 3.9" x 4.6"
4.0 951 GPH 85W .85 12.5 Ft 1" - 1.2"/0.8" - 1" 6.8" x 3.9" x 4.6"
5.0 1321 GPH 105W .95 12.6 Ft 1" - 1.2"/0.8" - 1" 6.8" x 3.9" x 4.6"
HF 10.0 2500 GPH 145W 1.7 16.4 Ft 1" Barb - 1" MPT 11.38" x 6.29" x 6.69"
HF 12.0 3200 GPH 165W 1.9 17.05 Ft 1.5" 11.38" x 6.29" x 6.69"
HF 16.0 4200 GPH 190W 2.0 15.4 Ft 1.5" 11.38" x 6.29" x 6.69"


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  • Powerful, with a little hum and vibration. By Gregory on 7/9/2017

    Just set this pump up to tumble biopellets in "BR-140 Biopellet Reactor - Reef Octopus" and it is doing a great job. I used the longer suction cup feet, but I could still hear the hum or vibration. So I set it on a section of Oxo mat that is sold at BRS to quite pumps and that reduced it further. It's only been running a day, but I expect/hope it gets quieter over the next couple of weeks. Overall I'm pleased with my purchase so far. Ehiem might be quieter, but not by much.
  • Astounding product and customer service By Daniel on 4/10/2017

    I had received the pump and due to my negligence, I forgot to make sure the impeller was secure. It had ended up causing the impeller to snap off as it was running, freely shaking within the chasis, scratching the pump's insides, heating the pump up and causing irreparable damage. I contacted BRS, expected to have to cash in for a replacement. To my surprise, BRS sent me one free, and I sent mine back some time later. This pump is incredibly powerful, silent, and robust. Just ensure that the impeller is nice and snug before operation! (as with any pump, for that matter)
  • Much quieter than Eheim 1260 By Scott on 2/27/2017

    I have used Eheim 1260 pumps for years in my living room tank, but I could always hear the low vibration from my bedroom directly above. So when setting up a new Reefer 250, I decided to look for a quieter pump.

    Syncras have a good reputation, but I read some rumblings that the larger models were not terribly quiet. I took a chance on the 4.0 model, and I am really glad I did. Once I mounted the (very long) suction cup legs to the pump, and let the pump break in for a few days, I would estimate that the Syncra makes only 25% the noise that the Eheim 1260 did. I would not call it silent, but it is extremely quiet, even when restricted. I cannot hear it from my bedroom anymore.

    Time will tell regarding reliability, but for now, my old 1260 pumps will serve as backup.

  • Awesome Quiet By Bumgrundle on 4/12/2016

    Best overall pump i've had to date. Just Superquiet and very nice adjustment dial instead of haveing to adjust a valve. Love it!
  • Great pump By Newbie on 4/2/2016

    Nice and quiet, works great.
  • Great! By Kirby on 3/6/2016

    Product arrived on time and well packaged. Does a great job for what I need.
  • Great Pump. By Robert on 8/24/2015

    Excellent pump, super silent, and powerful. I have four Sicce pumps now and would recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and silent pump.
  • Great pump By Spaz on 7/9/2015

    I use this as a return pump from the sump. It's quiet and has a super voluum of water. I turn it down most of the way using the built in control.
  • Great Pump By Doug on 6/27/2015

    This pump can move water. I have it as a return pump in my sump for a 90 gallon tank and the ripples it creates is awesome.
  • Awesome and quiet By Marq on 5/31/2015

    Have this as a return pump on my 93 cube and it's amazing. I have it open to the lowest setting and it still adds to the water movement in the main tank
  • I think I just heard a pin drop! By Andrew on 4/20/2015

    This pump is super quiet. It comes with 2 sets of feet; 1 with suction cups and the other rubber nubs. The flow rate is adjustable. I have it fully pegged on my 120 gallon and it is silent. Ive had an Eheim in the past and I think this is more quiet.
  • Silence is Golden By DanoSiena on 1/5/2015

    Was looking for the strong silent type and scored on both! Powerful little pump that barely makes a sound!


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