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Replacement Tubing for the Neptune DOS Dosing and Fluid Metering System


  • Quick Overview

Replacement Tubing for the Neptune DOS Dosing and Fluid Metering System


DOS Replacement Tubing - Neptune Systems

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DOS Replacement Tubing - 16 Meter
SKU: 209137
DOS Replacement Tubing - 4 Meter - Neptune Systems
SKU: 209133

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  • Very disappointed in this tubing By FLSharkvictim on 8/13/2017

    Make sure you use a blow dryer in order to straighten out Neptune's vinyl tubing before connecting it to the DOS or you're going to have issues FYI..
  • This tubing is fine By Ed on 12/5/2016

    Its a pain that this tubing does have memory kinks. I put it in boiling water for about ten minutes, then clamped each end to two chairs and stretched it out until it was straight, now this tubing is flacid and acts like any other. Once again, a mild pain, but Neptune chose this odd sized tubing so whatcha gonna do.
  • substandard By Alessandro on 9/28/2016

    As others pointed out, the tubing supplied with the DoS is insufficient in length, but most irritatingly it is bent every 4-5" and no matter what you do to straighten it, it just won't. I normally toss the tubing.
    I have 4 DoS units and I do not use the tubing supplied. YES, they are very loud.
  • its ok stuff By Russell on 3/10/2016

    i have picked this up two times, i like it but it is hard to make it straight
  • Not Good By Richard on 3/8/2016

    Kinked and bent every four inches. Tried warm water, tried hot water, tried wife's hair dryer and it just won't straighten out and stay that way. BRS 1.1 ml doser tubing is take it out of the box and use it as it should be.
    DOS is very loud also and should have more tubing with it like BRS doser so you don't have to buy more at almost a dollar a foot. Neptune ideas are great but the actual product is sometimes not good like their Automatic feeder which is loud, clunky, and doesn't seal.
  • Highly recommended By Devin on 11/13/2015

    great tubing and works great with the DoS! Soak in hot water so it is more flexible! also would highly recomend this along with the DoS as the 4M they supply was not enough!


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Product Questions

I use the standard 1/4" PUSH CONNECT BULKHEAD TANK ADAPTER for current dosing set up, so I can have lids on my dosing containers. I realize the DOS line is larger in diameter than that. Is there a replacement bulkhead that BRS sells so I can either swap out my bulkheads or convert the DOS line to the 1/4" rigid air line / clear acrylic tubing?
Question by: Kris on Jun 7, 2016 1:45:00 PM
Great question!
Unfortunately the Bulkhead tank adapter will require firm Polyethylene tubing which the DOS tubing will not work with. You may be able to try 1/4" RO tubing to attach the to DOS however this will not be a guaranteed fit.
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Jun 7, 2016 6:45:00 PM