Nautilus DC900 Return Pump (900 GPH)

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Smart. Quiet. Efficient

  • Whisper-silent operation
  • Energy efficient -- less than half the wattage of AC pumps with similar output
  • Controllable (controller included)
    • 10 different output settings
    • 3 built-in feed timers
    • Adjustable flow down to 10%
    • Built-in slow start function
  • Accepts 0-10V DC control input 
    • Compatible with Neptune Apex and Coralvue Hydros controllers
  • Includes a variety of output nozzle sizes
    • Compatible with vinyl tubing or PVC
  • 24 month USA warranty


ReefBreeders Nautilus pumps are energy-efficient & controllable DC-powered return pumps that can be adjusted to run as low as 10%, making them suitable for a wide variety of applications. With the included controller, you can choose between 10 different output settings and pause for 10, 30, or 50 minute feed times. These smartly designed pumps have a built-in slow start feature that reduces salt spray from your output pipes upon power up, and they run whisper-quiet at just half the wattage of AC pumps with similar output. They are also Apex-Ready-- the controller includes a 0-10V port that is compatible with Neptune Apex controllers, Coralvue Hydros controllers, and similar 0-10V control devices. 


Each pump includes several output nozzles to accommodate different sizes of vinyl tubing or PVC.




Max. Flow Rate - 900 gph

Max. Head Height - 10 ft

Dimensions - 5.4"L x 3.2"W x 4.2"H

Outlet Sizes - 1" and 3/4" hose barb. 32mm/1" threaded outlet





More Information
SKU 251234
UPC 705333175448
Variable Speed Yes
Included Mounting Magnetic
Power Type DC
Power Consumption 36 watts
Power Cord Length 6 Feet
Warranty 18 months
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Product Questions

The controller mentions a float switch. Is that something that comes with this, or that one can purchase separately to add on?
Question by: Eli on Aug 14, 2022, 12:33 PM
Thanks for the question! ReefBreeders has a goal of being able to add a float switch as an optional accessory in the future to allow the pump to turn off at a high or low water level, this is still in the works but they have the controller all set up for it for when this does come to fruition. Please let us know if we can help with anything else!
Answer by: Kyle Thomas (BRS Staff) on Aug 17, 2022, 11:46 AM