Turbelle Nanostream 6025 (740 GPH) - Tunze

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    Why does BRS recommend this?

    Tunze Stream pumps are some of the quietest pumps for the price.  We have used these pumps in multiple tank builds and have never been disappointed.  They are not necessarily the cheapest AC powered pumps on the market, however they are very quiet, can be pointed in any direction, and have one of the industry’s best warranty and customer service through Tunze USA. 

    German-made Tunze powerheads are one of the best high flow powerheads available. They are smaller and can be hidden in the aquarium easier than competing brands. Tunze pumps can be configured in a wide range of positions to target any area of the tank.


    • They are the smallest pumps available and easy to hide.
    • They rotate to a wide range of angles for targeted flow.
    • They consume less power.
    • Available accessories such as the Tunze Rock and Controllers make them even more user-friendly.
    • Excellent warranty and customer service.

    Proper flow is very important to maintaining a thriving healthy aquarium. Aquariums with poor flow can experience a number of easily avoidable health issue. Using high flow powerheads in your aquarium will:

    • Significantly decrease the risk of algae outbreaks.
    • Keep waste and particles suspended longer so skimmers and filters have a better chance of removing them.
    • Prevent toxic pockets from forming in hard to reach areas.
    • Keep debris from collecting on corals.
    • Keep food suspended longer so you can add less food.
    • Increase the chances of long term healthy tank success.


    • For aquariums from 10-55 gallons
    • Flow rate: 740 GPH
    • Energy consumption: 5W
    • Voltage/frequency: 120v
    • Cable length: 78.7”
    • Diameter: 2.7”
    • Output diameter 1.5/.59”

    Manufacturer's Manual

    Quick Compare - Tunze Powerhead Pumps

    ModelFlow Rate
    Energy UseDiameterOutput DiameterControllableTank Size
    Turbelle Nanostream 60154753.5W2.7"1.5"/.59"


    10-55 Gal
    Turbelle Nanostream 60206605W2.7"1.5"/.59"


    5-100 Gal
    Turbelle Nanostream 60257405W2.7"1.5"/.59"


    10-55 Gal
    Turbelle Nanostream 604053-11905W2.7"1.5"/.59"


    5-135 Gal
    Turbelle Nanostream 6045400-11755-7W2.7"1.5"/.59"Adjustable10-135 Gal
    Turbelle Nanostream 6055250-14504-18W2.7"1.5"/.59"Yes10-135 Gal
    Turbelle Stream 6065170012W3.5"1.96"No65-210 Gal
    Turbelle Stream 6085210014W3.5"1.96"No105-265 Gal
    Turbelle Stream 6105700-340035W3.5"2.48"Yes50-525 Gal
    Turbelle Stream 6125315022W3.5"2.48"No105-525 Gal
    Turbelle Stream 61551050-3950< 52W3.5"2.4"Yesup to 800 Gal
    Turbelle Stream 62551300-4800< 58W3.5"3"Yesup to 1100 Gal
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    Product Name Turbelle Nanostream 6025 (740 GPH) - Tunze
    SKU 202100
    UPC 4025167602511
    Variable Speed No
    Gallons Per Hour 600 - 1000 GPH
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