Vectra M1 Barb & Screen Kit - Ecotech Marine

VP011 M1 Barb & Screen Kit
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  • VP011 M1 Barb & Screen Kit

Vectra M1 Barb & Screen Kit - Ecotech Marine

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Quick Overview

Perfect for submersible return pump applications.

The barbed fitting will allow the Vectra pump to use soft tubing for plumbing, while the included screen will keep foreign matter from entering and causing damage to the pump.

M1 Barb and Screen Kit: Barb fitting will work with 3/4" ID soft tubing.


Full Details

The Ecotech Marine Vectra Barb and Screen kit will allow your Vectra pump to use standard soft tubing such as braided vinyl or silicone tubing. The barbed fitting will be a traditional slip fitting into the output of the Vectra pump and does require PVC solvent for worry free connection. The blue collet on Vectra M1 pumps may be tight on barbed fittings, we recommend using a small amount of plumbing solvent and apply a large amount of force to seat the fitting in securely. 


The included screen fitting will keep large debris that would normally cause damage and extreme wear to a pump from entering the pump. Since the screen is normally being pulled into the pump no solvent is needed to connect the screen to the pump inlet.


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  • Least user-friendly accessory ever By Damien on 11/19/2016

    Why in the world Ecotech Marine would release a screen & barb kit which then has to be glued to the quick-connector is beyond me. Why not just provide a fitting with the quick-connect part in one piece? This smacks of laziness & lack of understanding of their customers requirements on Ecotech's part that you would never experience with other more established manufacturers like Eheim.

    Try as I might I couldn't get the barb to fit all the way into the female quick-connect collar. I had to traipse all over town & spend another $20 on primer & adhesive. I managed to break the screen trying to fit it as the fitting was so tight.

    Completely ridiculous accessory for a very expensive pump. This fitting should be done properly and supplied with the pump.
  • Very tight fitting By Nick on 9/6/2016

    Does not go past a 1/4 inch. Very very very tight.
  • Did you even test these before release Ecotech Marine? By Theoden on 5/28/2016

    Now granted they are technically the correct size and should fit like a glove, but for some odd reason they only go in about a quarter of an inch before stopping. YOU WILL HAVE TO MODIFY THESE FOR THEM TO WORK PROPERLY. I would try using sand paper to make it smaller and go from there. Better yet buy the threaded adapter they make.

    I'm no dummy when it comes to making things work, but for spending $10 I shouldn't have to do this. Shame on you Ecotech Marine.
  • barb fitting does require sanding By ARMANDO on 5/26/2016

    I had the same issue with this 3/4 inch barb for return, It wouldn’t fit. I sanded it down quickly with a dremel and glued this piece to the vectra coupling, using a transition pvc to abs glue which is required, and it sealed perfectly.
  • The problem is on the pump itself By davejp on 5/14/2016

    I have two vectra M1s, on one I used this set, and on the other glued schedule 40 pipe strait to the pump couplings. In both cases, the fit was so tight that I either could not get the pipe to seat all the way or when gluing them together I had to hold them for an exceeding long time because if not the bard set/ pipe would slide out on its own. I also recall getting frustrated and breaking out the sand paper to adjust the fit. The problem appears to the the couplings that come with the pump themselves and not so much this set. However, given this set is supposedly for the M1, I would have thought the fitting would fit better then a plain old piece of schedule 40, but they did not.
  • Barb option does not fit into pump By Sawyer on 5/6/2016

    Just as Mark said the barb fitting that comes with this does not fit into the pump without sanding the sides down. The screen does fit into the intake part of the pump but even that seems a little iffy.
  • Barb Fitting Doesn't Fit the Vectra M1! By Mark on 4/30/2016

    The barb fitting does not fit the Vectra's M1 return fitting - I had to sand the fitting in order to glue it. The screen however, fits like a glove. If you only want the barb bitting, save yourself $5 bucks and get the Gray Pipe Adapter Spigot x Barb (3/4") sold here on BRS for $4.99 instead. You'll have to sand it down as well since it's basically the same fitting provided in this kit.


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Product Questions

what’s the m1 screen diameter? Is it a 1 inch screen?
Question by: ARMANDO on May 26, 2016 11:58:00 PM
Great question! Yes, it is a 1" screen to fit the 1" input of the Vectra M1.
Answer by: Randy (Admin) on Jun 2, 2016 12:10:00 PM