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Schedule 80 Union Thread x Thread

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1/2” Schedule 80 Union Thread x Thread

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3/4” Schedule 80 Union Thread x Thread

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1” Schedule 80 Union Thread x Thread

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1 1/4” Schedule 80 Union Thread x Thread

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1 1/2” Schedule 80 Union Thread x Thread

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2” Schedule 80 Union Thread x Thread

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    Why does BRS recommend this?

    We have never heard “I put too many unions on my plumbing.” When it comes to the initial plumbing, servicing, repair, or replacement of any hardware unions will be your best friend.  For a couple extra bucks right off the start, down the line they will pay for themselves when you only need to replace a foot of plumbing and not all of it.


    Thread x Thread.

    Don’t skimp on unions! Easily take apart plumbing sections or remove sumps and pumps for maintenance with unions. The swivel action of a union allows one to position the angle of the elbow even after the glue dries. More professional look than white Schedule 40 PVC.


    Available in Five Sizes

    • Schedule 80 Union - 1/2" Thread x 1/2" Thread
    • Schedule 80 Union - 3/4” Thread x 3/4” Thread
    • Schedule 80 Union - 1" Thread x 1" Thread
    • Schedule 80 Union - 1½” Thread x 1½” Thread
    • Schedule 80 Union - 2" Thread x 2" Thread


    The golden rule of plumbing is that every job takes three trips to the store. While this can be frustrating locally it can be much worse when shopping online. Being short a fitting or two can delay a plumbing project for days. Here are some quick tips to avoid this.

    • Plan your plumbing on paper
    • Don't skimp on unions. Unions allow for easy breakdown and maintenance as well as remove the need for precise elbow placement. Use them as often as possible.
    • When in doubt order extra. We happily accept returns for a full refund (less shipping) on all unused fittings within one month of purchase. A few extra bucks in return shipping is less frustrating than a project delay
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    Product Name Schedule 80 Union Thread x Thread
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