BR-70 Biopellet Reactor - Reef Octopus

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BR-70 Biopellet Reactor - Reef Octopus

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Quick Overview

The Reef Octopus Biopellet Reactor is designed specifically for the use of solid carbon dosing biopellets. Cone bottom design helps to keep the biopellet media in suspension and evenly dispersed. Reactor lids close with fastening screws and a mesh screen contains biopellets while still allowing flow. Available in three sizes.

Full Details

These Revolutionary Media Reactors have a fluidizing cone bottom design to help keep the bio pellet media in suspension and evenly disperse the water upwards, without restricting the flow through the unit. These advanced reactor units also includes fastening screws on the lid for a sure tight seal and a mesh screen to keep the bio pellets within the reactor without the risk of restricting flow or clogging like other media reactors on the market.


Reef Octopus BR70 Manufacturer's Manual

  • Dimensions: Diameter 2.75″x Height 19.3″
  • Footprint: 3.875" x 3.875″
  • Inlet and Outlet: ½” Direct PVC or ½" or 5/8” barb fittings
  • Load capacity: 400 mL Biopellet
  • Recommended flow rate: 270-390 GPH
  • Suggested pump: Sicce Syncra Silent 1.5 Pump (357 GPH)



2 Items

  • Superb Reactor for my 120 Mixed Reef By FLSharkvictim on 8/3/2017

    I have my hard plumbed with a Hayward Ball Valve to get a very accurate flow that you need to barely tumble your bio pellets. I did a lot of research on which brand I SHOULD go with and I finally made a decision and went with Warner Marine ecoBak Plus Bio Pellets. Only started with about 200mls and then every week I will be adding about 50mls of pellets until I hit the max load. One of the better reactor on the market that's for sure. As far my pump, I went with a Sicce 1.5. If you're looking for a solid reactor look no further. 5 ***** across the board and HIGHLY Recommended.
  • Great Biopellet Reactor By Steve on 4/10/2017

    The BR-70 reactor was a huge improvement over various media reactors I tried to use for biopellets, well worth the price. Purpose built design provides great tumbling action at a reasonably low flow rate. Note the actual load capacity is 300 ml; it works great at that volume, going slightly over capacity seemed OK at first, but would eventually start to bind.
    The reactor fit perfectly in my setup, requiring only a small section of PVC pipe to connect to my manifold. I can't really give credit to Reef Octopus for that happy accident, but they do offer several options to connect both input and output, I wish more products would do the same.
    Only dislike I have was the screen at the top of reactor; it is changed from picture here, now a clear plastic grate on a collar that is held in place with a plastic bolt. The grate itself is fine, but tightening the bolt is an exercise in frustration, especially when it seems the bolt wouldn't even be necessary if they just made the collar a little taller. Rather than mess with the bolt one more time, I made a spacer out of PVC pipe to fill the gap that should have been collar, seems to work fine.


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