ClariSea SK-3000 Gen 3 Automatic Filter System

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The Gen 3 Clarisea SK-3000 incorporates all the changes and improvements of the upgraded Gen 2.1 automatic filter roller, but with a host of new features designed to make your aquarium maintenance even easier! The new model comes with a pre-assembled filter body and quick-release silencer plates for easy assembly and cleaning, as well as a drop-in fleece holder, top rollers to guide the fleece, and a fleece removal tool for seamless operation.


ClariSea fleece filters automatically remove particulates from your water that would normally turn into nitrates and phosphates. Perfect for reef aquariums, the SK-3000 Automatic Filter System will leave your tank with brilliantly clean water which will help increase your lighting penetration, reduce maintenance, and the best benefit of all, let you see your corals and fish with fewer particulates in the way. 

  • High volume filtration capacity
  • Minimal installation footprint
  • Completely replaces the need for filter socks 
  • Multiple installation options 
  • Automatic advance of dirty fleece 
  • Multi-function smart controller
  • End of roll audible alarm
  • Filter jam/float error/water depth alarm
  • Phosphate free fleece material
  • Special low-odor fleece material
  • Integrated fail-safe overflow 
  • Silencer plates for quiet operation
  • Water bypass system


*New Features Unique to Gen 3*

  • Pre-assembled body
  • Upgraded motor
  • Quick-release silencer plates
  • Top rollers with fleece guide
  • Drop-in fleece holder
  • Easy cleaning design
  • Fleece removal tool


By allowing the water from your aquariums overflow to drain into the ClariSea, you can trap and effectively remove detritus and other foreign particulates from your water without having to ever change a filter sock again. Utilizing a sensor to know when the fleece is starting to clog, the ClariSea will automatically advance the fleece ahead allowing clean fleece to trap more particulates. Removing the old fleece rolls only takes a minute and will only need to be maintained once every couple of months, which may vary depending on your specific aquarium. 



Max Flow Rate - 800 GPH

Footprint - 9" x 8.1"

Height - 18"

Minimum Submersion Depth - 2"

Maximum Submersion Depth - 8"

Hang-On Bracket Height Adjustment - up to 5.5"

Inlet Connection - 32mm / 40mm / 1” (Slip fit socket needed for 40mm connection)

Fleece Length - 82 feet

Fleece Width - 4"


What's Included?

1x ClariSea Gen3 SK-3000 Filter System

1x SK-3000 Fleece Roll

1x Float Level Sensor

1x Smart Controller

Assembly Instructions


 Clarisea Gen3 Quick Start Guide


Mounting & Installation Options:

  • Hang it on the back, front or sides of the most sumps.
  • Freestaning on the base of a shallow sump with a water level below 200mm.
  • Freestaning it on a box or shelf in deeper sumps.
  • Feed it from the front or from the back.
  • Feed water from the top, side or at an angle.
  • Feed it with a utility pump


Smart Controller Functions

Buttons & Indicators

Motor button - Manually advances fleece motor

Alarm button - Press alarm button for 1 - 2 seconds will turn off an audible alarm, but alarm condition will still be present

Red LED still flashing - Automatic advance of fleece disabled motor button will still function as manual advance.

Pressing the alarm button for > 5 seconds - Full reset - completely clearing alarm state

Disconnecting power - performs reset as above.

Normal Operation

Initialization (Power on or reset):

  • Blue/Red LED both flash for 5 times (audible alarm will sound with each flash)
  • Blue LED will remain on.

Motor Advance:

  • Manual or automatic, Blue LED flashes


Possible Alarm Conditions:

Possible roll jam/motor failure (float held in up position for more than 5 seconds)

  • Red alarm LED will flash
  • Audible alarm will sound for 2 seconds every 5 seconds
  • Automatic advance of fleece disabled.

Possible fleece empty (float not triggered within 8 hours)

  • Blue/Red LED both flashing, audible alarm will sound for 1 second every 2 seconds
  • Automatic advance of fleece disabled.

Possible installation error (float not triggered with 48 hours)

  • Red LED will flash at 10-second intervals (audible alarm will sound with each flash)
  • Automatic advance of fleece disabled.
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UPC 5060078024686
Manuals  Clarisea Gen3 Quick Start Guide
Included Mounting Hang On/Bracket
Skimmer Type In-Sump / Internal
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Product Questions

Can you use it in the 7 inch filter stock hole.
Question by: Lester Fuqua on May 11, 2023, 9:23 PM
Unfortunately, this is not designed to fit in a filter sock holder. The only option we carry for a 7" filter sock hole would be SKU 251942.
Answer by: Ash (BRS Staff) on Jun 2, 2023, 2:51 PM
Does this have 10v or IOTa for using external controller alarms?
Question by: David Gill on Mar 20, 2022, 2:27 PM
Hey David, thanks for reaching out! to my knowledge the Clarisea is only able to use its controller and does not have 0-10V compatibility
Answer by: James Johnson (BRS Staff) on Mar 23, 2022, 5:26 PM