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ZEOmix Media - Aquaforest

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1000 mL ZEOmix Media - Aquaforest

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5000 mL ZEOmix Media - Aquaforest (DISCONTINUED)

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    Zeo Mix is a specially selected blend of zeolite media that will help control ammonia and remove other unwanted elements from fresh and saltwater aquariums. Zeolites are essentially an ion exchange media that can be used in fresh and saltwater aquariums but most notably is used with Ultra Low Nutrient Systems (ULSN) like the Zeovit system. When using ZEOmix it is imperative to monitor water parameters, and add back necessary nutrients and elements that will be absorbed and collected by the zeolite media.


    Two Sizes Available:

    • 1000 mL
    • 5000 mL

    Aquaforest Systems Guide



    Add 500g of ZEOmix for every 100 L of tank water to a fluidized reactor designed to hold zeolites.

    Replace ZEOmix once every 6 weeks.


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    Product Name ZEOmix Media - Aquaforest
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