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Reef Energy Plus (AB+) All-In-One Coral Superfood - Red Sea

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    An all-in-one superfood delivering better growth, higher resilience and brighter colors.

    Based on long-term research, Reef Energy Plus is an enhanced supplement that provides the complete nutritional components needed by Soft, LPS, SPS, and non-photosynthetic corals for vitality, growth, and coloration. Reef Energy Plus was also designed to be easy to use with automatic dosers, and thanks to its ideal nutritional makeup, contributes to minimal over skimming.


    Corals need much more than a strong light source and clean water in order to thrive. Aside from important mineral building blocks such as calcium and carbonate, all corals need a source of organic nutrients for proper tissue growth and pigment production, as well as general health and immune system support. This is often overlooked, and in our aquariums many of these essential building blocks are removed through heavy filtration and nutrient export. Reef Energy Plus was designed to provide a perfectly balanced source of amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, and carbohydrates in an easy to dose form that can be directly absorbed and consumed by your corals. Red Sea was able to improve on their original two part Reef Energy formula and laboratory testing demonstrated a 15% increase in growth with their new Reef Energy Plus formula.


    • Meets corals’ complete nutritional requirements
    • Maximal growth rates
    • Easy to use with automatic dosing
    • Minimal over skimming
    • Highest energetic efficiency
    • No residual waste


    Four Sizes Available

    • 250 mL
    • 500 mL
    • 1 Liter
    • 5 Liters


    Ease of use with automatic dosing

    Feeding your corals is easier than ever. You can use an automatic doser to feed your corals with Reef Energy Plus, as the new all-in-one formulation can be kept unrefrigerated and unstirred for up to one week without compromising the efficacy of the combined components.

    NOTE: To avoid spoilage, do not place more than one week's dosage in the container, and wash the dosing container between refills. When using LED lighting, increase the dose if corals are not growing even if there are no signs of photoinhibition.

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