Fluval 307 Canister Filter

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Fluval 07 Series - The Power, Reliability, & Performance You Expect

  • Easy maintenance
  • Filter media included
  • Four different sizes available


Canister filters have long been used on freshwater aquariums, but canister filters deserve a second look for saltwater aquariums and reef tanks too. If you're not familiar with canister filters, they're a closed container filled with filter media and a pump built-in to pull water from the aquarium, move it through the media, and push it back into the aquarium. Think of it as a media reactor with a built-in pump. Whether you use a canister filter for your main filtration, as a media reactor, or even as an occasional water polishing device, reefers should absolutely be taking a look at Fluval's canister filter lineup. 

The 07 series has all of the features you'd expect from a Fluval canister filter, but in addition, you can expect several new upgrades that make this canister filter quieter, more robust, and easier to use than ever before. 


Quiet Operation

The 07 series of canister filters are up to 25% quieter than the previous generation. The Italian made pump features new noise dampening features and the rubber feet stabilizers have been redesigned and enlarged to provide greater vibration-dampening capabilities. This is perfect for those reefers who have their aquariums in a main living space where aquarium noise is a common complaint. 


Fast Action Maintenance

Featuring several new design refinements, the 07 series is the easiest Fluval canister filter to service to date. The Aquastop Valve is 2x stronger than before and the ergonomic design makes for smoother operation. The Lift-Lock clamps are single action dual locking clamps, meaning quick release & attachment, but half the clamps of most canister filters. The EZ-Lift Media Baskets allow you to remove the entire media stack at once without having to empty the canister of water. Once you're finished with your maintenance, re-assemble the filter and quickly get back up and running with the Quick Primer system. 


Free Media Included

Bio-Foam Max (x2): Rippled surface pattern creates 30% more area to efficiently trap waste and debris

Bio-Foam (x2): Traps waste and debris

Bio-Foam+ (x2): Boosts beneficial bacteria growth

Carbon (x2): Removes harmful toxins and odors

BIOMAX (x2): Porous rings for biological filtration & promote beneficial bacteria growth

Quick Clear (x2): Traps micro particles for sparkling, crystal clear water




Recommended aquarium size: 40-70 gallons

Flow Rate: 303 GPH

Dimensions: 9.5" x 7" x 16.5"

Basket Volume: 3.1 L

Total Chamber Volume: 4.5 L

Canister Volume: 7.3 L

Filter Circulation 206 GPH

Max Head Pressure: 5.75 feet

Wattage: 16W


What's Included?

Fluval 307 Canister filter

Bio-Foam Max





AquaStop valve

Ribbed hosing

Rim connectors

Intake tube

Intake strainer

Intake Stem with intake strainer

Pre-Filter basket

Media basket

Media basket cover

Media basket handle

Suction cup 1″ / 30 mm

Output nozzle

Rubber hose connectors

Instruction manual


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