Fluval FX6 Canister Filter

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Fluval FX Series of High-Performance Canister Filters

  • For aquariums up to 400 gallons
  • Multi-Stage filtration
  • Large 1.5 gallons media capacity
  • All filter media is included
  • Self-starting - just add water & plug in
  • Aqua-Stop valves with leak-proof Click-Fit attachment


Canister filters have long been used on freshwater aquariums, but canister filters deserve a second look for saltwater aquariums and reef tanks too. If you're not familiar with canister filters, they're a closed container filled with filter media and a pump built-in to pull water from the aquarium, move it through the media, and push it back into the aquarium. Think of it as a media reactor with a built-in pump. Whether you use a canister filter for your main filtration, as a media reactor, or even as an occasional water polishing device, reefers should absolutely be taking a look at Fluval's canister filter lineup. 

Recognized as the “workhorse of canisters” for their legendary strength and durability, high output FX Series filters sweep the tank harder and faster to retain a greater amount of debris. Combining SMART PUMP performance-optimizing technology with auto start/stop operation and intricate multi-stage cleaning featuring an expansive basket-in-basket media tray design, FX owners will spend more time enjoying their aquarium, and less time maintaining it.


Multi-Stage Filtration

FX Series filters feature 2 inset red baskets for greater media capacity and flexibility. As with all Fluval filters, water flows through each media stage in proper order to ensure thorough cleaning. This process is more efficient and effective than forcing water through all stages in one pass.


Seamless Water Change

The FX4 and FX6 filters feature a multi-functional utility valve to empty the canister and perform seamless water changes without disturbing your setup or tank inhabitants. As an added bonus, two convenient hosing clips located on the filter lid allow for storage when not in use.


Free Media Included

Bio-Foam (x6): Traps waste and debris

Bio-Foam+ (x2): Boosts beneficial bacteria growth

BIOMAX (x2): Porous rings for biological filtration & promote beneficial bacteria growth

Carbon Foam Pad (x1): Traps micro particles and debris while removing odors, discolorations, heavy metals and organic contaminants

Media Bags (x2)



FX6 Specifications:

Recommended aquarium size: Up to 400 gallons

Flow Rate: 925 GPH

Dimensions: 15.75" L x 15.75" W x 20.8" H

Canister Volume: 5.28 gallons (holds 1.5 gallons worth of media)

Max Head Pressure: 10.8 feet

Wattage: 43W


What's Included?

Rubber hose

Rim connectors, clips, and suction cups

Intake stem

Output nozzle

Lid fasteners

Filter canister

Utility valve and hosing

Drain cap

Pump unit (motor) and power cord

Rubber feet

Media baskets

1/2 media baskets

Filter lid and accessories

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