HF-M Complete Filtration System

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Filtration that Promotes a Clean and Healthy Aquarium

  • Convenient Hang-On-Back Design
  • Efficient Protein Skimmer Built-In
  • Easy-To-Access, Drop-In Media Cartridge
  • Spacious Customizable Filtration Chamber
  • Probe Holders (3x)
  • Dosing Tube Holders (3x)
  • Cord/Tubing Management Cut-Outs


The ideal filtration solution for your aquarium without the need for drilling: the HF-M Complete Filtration System from AquaReady. This innovative system hangs on the back of your tank, combining a sleek design with top-notch functionality. It features an efficient built-in protein skimmer and customizable filtration options to keep your water clear and healthy, all with minimal effort.


How Does This Fit into Your System?

The Complete Filtration System provides an all-inclusive filtration system for saltwater aquariums. This includes an integrated protein skimmer, bio media reactor, and space to add your choice of media such as carbon or phosphate removers. It works well for aquariums 20-60 gallons where the length is at least 18" and the glass/rim thickness is no greater than 0.75".


How Can This Help My Aquarium?

Water taken from the aquarium first passes through the protein skimmer, which removes organic molecules such as proteins found in undigested food and fish waste. Next, the water passes through the included biological filtration media, which is home to beneficial bacteria. Before being returned to the aquarium, water is passed through a third chamber, which can accommodate filtration media of your choice to further polish the water.

As an added bonus, the Complete Filtration System also features a built-in probe holder (for up to 3 probes), three dosing tube holders, and channels to manage wires and tubing. The System’s intelligent design keeps your aquarium looking clutter-free.


The AquaReady Commitment

We know that you and your aquarium depend on effective and easy to use equipment that is built to last. AquaReady is fully committed to the success of your aquarium experience, which is why every AquaReady Complete Filtration System comes standard with a 1 Year Warranty.



Main Body Dimensions: 16.75"L x 3.25"W x 12.75"H

Back to Front of Inlet Distance: 5.5"

Back to Front of Outlet Distance: 6.5"

Fits Tank Rims: up to 0.75"

Included Pump: Shark 1.0

Power Consumption: 11 Watts


What's Included?

Filter Body

Filter Lid and Silencer

Diffuser Assembly

Shark 1.0 Pump

Inlet Tubes and Accessories

Skimmer Assembly

Media Chamber

Biological Filter Media

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