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ZEObak is a microorganism solution which contains several bacterial strains that form a bacterial chain capable of consuming nutrients. ZEObak is one of the big four (ZEOvit, ZEObak, ZEOfood, ZEOstart) required for the standard ZEOvit ultra low nutrient system. This system is designed to maintain maximum coral coloration, growth and health. Start by dosing 1 drops per 25 gallons (net water volume) twice weekly. Refrigerate after opening.

  • Combine with Coral Snow to reduce nutrients and control Red Slime (Cyanobacteria)


Korallen-Zucht  ZeoVit system is designed to maintain ultra low nutrient levels similar to the ocean reef habitat our corals thrive in naturally. As long as there is enough light maintaining ultra low nitrates and phosphate has shown to increase coral coloration, growth rates and vitality.  All you need to get started with the Zeovit system is a reactor and the “Basic four.”

  • ZEOlites - The KZ ZEOvit ZEOlight mix is the primary media used in the reactor. The mix consists of three different zeolites chosen for their ability to reduce toxins in a balanced manor.  
  • ZEObak– This liquid additive contains a verity of bacterial strains that form the proper chain for nutrient reduction.  You use this product to introduce and maintain healthy populations of the desired bacteria in the ZEOvit system.  
  • ZEOfood  -  This is nutritional supplement for the corals. ZEOfood is primarily composed of amino acids and vitamins which enable corals to uptake necessary nutrients and  leads to a natural brilliant coloration.
  • ZEOstart– This product promotes the reproduction of all nitrifying bacteria in the aquarium to help the system naturally remove phosphate and nitrate.


So what about all of the other Korallen-Zucht additives? Most of the other products are designed to further increase color, growth and vitality but are generally considered optional products that would be used after the initial stages of implementing the KZ ZEOvit system using the “Basic four.”


To find the right Korallen-Zucht solutions for your tank or simply learn more about the ZEOvit System, check out our BRStv Buyer’s Guide To Korallen Zucht or download the Korallen-Zucht product guides below.

Guide ZEOvit System Guide

Guide KZ Product Guide


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Product Questions

does this need to be refrigerated?
Question by: Simon Chelebyan on Jan 25, 2018, 3:30 AM
Yes, it is required to refrigerate ZeoBak.
Answer by: Charlie on Jan 25, 2018, 4:54 PM
do you dose the zeobak, zeostart, and zeofood directly into the reactor?
Question by: thomas horton on Jan 17, 2017, 8:45 PM
Awesome question! You do not need to dose those products directly into the reactor. We dose them to the same chamber that the reactor is sitting in the sump, for the BRS 160! :-)
Answer by: Randy on Jan 19, 2017, 10:58 AM
How does the Zeolite media differ than other forms of nitrate/phosphate reduction methods & media(GFO, biopellets, water changes, etc) for a low nutrient system?
Will using Zeovit method always give you corals with a that pastel color look?

Question by: marc on Feb 24, 2016, 1:51 PM
Great question!
In short the Zeovit media works on the ammonia before it is able to convert to nitrate. Using just zeolite media will not produce the colors and that is where the trace elements and other korallen zucht products come in. Essentially the system is starved and you will provide the necessary nutrients to get the unique colors for each coral. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!
Answer by: Connor on Feb 24, 2016, 2:42 PM