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Trigger Systems Obsidian Sumps share many of the same features as the Platinum Sump line; however, instead of having an automated filter fleece roller, the Obsidian sumps utilize a manual turn dial to advance the fleece roll. This small change allows hobbyists to enjoy one of the most feature-rich and efficient sump designs at just a fraction of the cost. If you decide down the line that you'd like an automated filter roller, you can simply purchase and Obsidian Upgrade Kit which includes a controller, optical sensors, and a small LCD screen for multiple configurations.

  • Manual Filter Fleece Roller 
  • Input Plate Gasket Reduces Salt Creep
  • Four Dosing Tube Probe Holder
  • Cord Holders to Secure Cables & Hoses
  • Polycarbonate Lid Over Fleece Chamber for Noise Reduction
  • Dual Media Platforms, Filter Foam Included
  • Adjustable Water Level & Self Adjusting Top Platform
  • Laser Engraved Water Markings
  • Additional 1" Input Fitting for Modularity


The Obsidian line is available in both 34" and 39" sizes with fleece rolls that are 10" wide by 150 feet long and last anywhere between 4 and 6 months. The sumps include 2 adapters for dosing inputs. The first adapter has 1/4″ holes to drop in the dosing tubes, and the second adapter can be used with quick connect input fittings*.

To advance the fleece roll, simply turn the dial to remove the dirty fleece and roll in new clean fleece. If you forget to manually advance the roll regularly, there is an overflow outlet in place that will prevent any flooding. This design has the same diamond pattern found on the Platinum Sumps for the water to flow through, purposely using the most surface area on the fleece to allow for more water flow and a longer lifespan of the roll. 

*Fittings are not included



Dimensions - 34" L x 15" W x 15" H

Fleece Chamber Max Height - 22"

Fleece Roll - 10" W x 150 Feet Long

Max. Flow - 3000 gph

Skimmer Section - 10" x 14.5"

Refugium Section - 7.5" x 14.5"

Return Pump Section - 6" x 14.5"

Skimmer Water Level - 7" to 9.5" (adjustable)

Total Water Volume - 31 Gallons

Drain Input Fitting - 2x 1" Drain Input Fittings plus 1 extra 1" fitting


What's Included?

1x Trigger Obsidian 34 Sump

1x Trigger Fleece Roll


Note: The time the fleece roll lasts and how much water flow can be pushed through may vary and depends on the return pump flow rate and how dirty the water is (bioload). It is expected that the first roll will be used up faster as it polishes the water.

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Product Questions

What size tank will this support
Question by: Cy Rousseau on Dec 3, 2023, 4:00 PM
Hi there, great question. This would be a good sump for tanks up to 150 gallons.
Answer by: Grace (BRS Staff) on Jan 25, 2024, 12:02 PM