Super Reef Octopus SRO-2000INT 6” In Sump Protein Skimmer

Super Reef Octopus SRO-2000INT 6” In Sump Protein Skimmer
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  • Super Reef Octopus SRO-2000INT 6” In Sump Protein Skimmer

Super Reef Octopus SRO-2000INT 6” In Sump Protein Skimmer

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Quick Overview

Super Reef Octopus In Sump Skimmer 6" Protein Skimmer from Reef Octopus. High performance with quiet operation.

  • Rated for tanks up to 200 gallons

  • BRS recommended for tanks up to 180 gallons

In Sump Skimmer with 2000 Bubble Blaster pump. The refined hybrid cone design reduces and stabilizes foam production resulting in less turbulence in the neck area and more time for the organics to rise and collect.


Full Details

Super Reef Octopus® 6” In Sump Skimmer SRO-2000INT

Filtration Handling

Well Stocked Tank - Rated up to 150 gallons

Medium Stocked Tank - Rated up to 180 gallons

Light Stocked Tank - Rated up to 200 gallons


  • High quality cast acrylic
  • Refined Hybrid Cone Shape
  • Max injection Venturi Air Injection System
  • Bubble Dispersant Plate - removable and reduces turbulence
  • Solid construction
  • Large collection cup
  • Easy to turn output flow valve for control
  • Low energy consumption with little heat emission

Skimmer Specifications:

  • Body Diameter: 6"
  • Neck Size: 4"
  • Foot Print:12.6” x 8.7”
  • Total Height: 22”
  • Output Size: 40mm - comes with 1.25” PVC metric to standard adapter
  • Output Height: 7.5"
  • Note: Recommended Sump Water Depth: 6-6.5"

Bubble Blaster 2000 Pinwheel Pump Features:

  • Water Draw: 250 GPH / 950 LPH
  • Air Draw: 960 LPH / 34 SCFH
  • Power Consumption: 40 Watts
  • Aquarium set up will determine air and water results.

    Manufacturer's Warranty

    • 2 year on pump
    • 1 year on skimmer body


4 Items

  • Powerful with quirks By John B on 6/25/2017

    It is powerful with very dense foam production. It's as quiet as any AC powered pump (neither quiet nor loud). It's very easy to dial in with consistent skimming. However, very few sumps accommodate a water depth of 6-6.5" and I had to modify my sump for it. I would definitely recommend with its foam production.
  • Powerful! By James on 5/29/2017

    I specially built my sump around this skimmer, and I used ceramic bio plates to achieve it's desired depth, and I am thoroughly impressed. The neck is wide enough to get my hand in to clean the main body, and it is super easy to dial in. I also have the automatic neck cleaner and the marriage of these two products is well worth the price tag.
  • Large but Awesome By Rick on 3/22/2015

    This was an upgrade to a older GSM skimmer that came with my 150G DT when I bought it used. That old skimmer worked great for about 2 years, but I had no idea what I was missing out on. The new SRO was pulling better gunk by the third day, and I am still getting in dialed in since the break in process in ongoing.

    My only small complaints are the footprint and the depth of water the SRO work in. Both are minor, and the height issue was easily overcome by using bio-bricks under the skimmer. Now I will have skimming and extra bacteria growth in the same chamber of the sump.

    Highly recommend.
  • Skimmer is a BEAST By Jack on 2/19/2015

    Installed this skimmer in my sump,adjusted it and it is already pulling nasties. Well built and visually pleasing. I have an open stand. One thing is this skimmer is BIG. I have 25 inches from sump to tank and had to install skimmer body then pump and gate valve then collection cup. This was my first purchase from brs and I am very pleased. Great packaging great product great company. 5 stars all the way.


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