Reef Octopus Classic 110INT 4” Internal Protein Skimmer

Reef Octopus Classic 110INT 4” Internal Protein Skimmer
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  • Reef Octopus Classic 110INT 4” Internal Protein Skimmer
  • Reef Octopus Classic 110INT 4” Internal Protein Skimmer Pump
  • Reef Octopus Classic 110INT 4” Internal Protein Skimmer Collection Chamber
  • Reef Octopus Classic 110INT 4” Internal Protein Skimmer Bubble Plate
  • Reef Octopus Classic 110INT 4” Internal Protein Skimmer Silenser
  • Reef Octopus Classic 110INT 4” Internal Protein Skimmer Lower Unit
  • Reef Octopus Classic 110INT 4” Internal Protein Skimmer Valve

Reef Octopus Classic 110INT 4” Internal Protein Skimmer

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Quick Overview

  • Manufacturer Rated for tanks up to 100 gallons

  • BRS recommended for tanks up to 75 gallons

In sump skimmer. Powered by Aquatrance 1000 pump with an improved venturi design and pinwheel impeller. Built with high quality acrylic. Gate valve allows for more precise control of water level. 1/2" clearance required to remove collection cup for easy cleaning.


Full Details

Reef Octopus Classic 110INT Manufacturer's Manual

  • Reef Octopus 4" Classic INT Skimmer CLSC-110INT
  • Dimensions: 10.6" x 6.75" x 19.75"
  • Manufacturer rates skimmer for tanks up to 100 gallons
  • BRS Recommends this skimmer for tanks up to 75 gallons
  • Powered by Aquatrance 1000 pump
  • High performance venturi air injection system
  • Modified cone neck design designed for easy transition of micro bubbles into cup
  • Precision controlled gate valve
  • In sump only
  • 1 year warranty on skimmer and pump
  • Metric plumbing parts.



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  • perfectttt for a 75g sps tank By angel h. on 5/18/2017

    not complaint at all,excellent performance... perfect fit in my trigger sump, silent runnig operation, good price and excelent warranty terms...out there, nothing think about that...
  • Great product. By Reggie on 1/31/2017

    Great product but the clear air canister is making a loud winding sound, I hope It goes away after the break in period.
  • Great Value By tdmartin on 1/9/2017

    This is a replacement for an Eshopps psk 100 on a 65 Gal in a 20 High sump. Some people complained that it was sensitive to tune. I had no issues what so ever. Easy to tune for me. My old Eshoops was a pain. I ended up modifying the design of that one. Also some said that it has a balance issue. It does. when empty it will tip over. HOWEVER, once full and running the weight of the water in the column stabilizes the unit and it is fine. A base plate would solve the issue completely. Not sure why they did not add that, but bottom line it is just not an issue. Produces great skimate. I have only had it a month, so I can't say anything about reliability. So far this counts as one of the best purchases I have made to date.
  • Happy with This Reactor By Bill on 9/9/2016

    I've already been running the 6" version of this skimmer and was very happy. I had a smaller tank (40 gallon) that needed an ungraded skimmer and went with this smaller version. So far it has been working well but I wish I went with the larger skimmer as this one seems to be a little harder to "set." I'm happy with the pump and the skimmer product and it does a good job of sucking out the junk. You can't go wrong with this.
  • Unit to big for sump By JimA on 3/29/2016

    It is so big it will not fit in the sump I am not sure what to do with it
  • Loved until pump died By Ryan on 3/20/2016

    Absolutely great skimmate produced after just a few days. Short break in period. I haven't even owned this one month and the pump stopped working. Hope BRS will replace.
  • Excellent By Xecros on 3/14/2016

    I just recently bought this Skimmer in preparation for building my tank. I did a lot of review readings, and comparisons to other makes and models. Probably a good solid 48 hours worth of research.

    For my tank size (55 gallon), for the price, this skimmer is hands down, the best you can get.

    Having said that, there is a problem with balance, (stability). Fully assembled, without any water, not running, it will stand on it's own. But, it will easily tip over with the slightest pressure. If your going to remove the skimmer cup for cleaning, use 2 hands! One hand to hold the skimmer in place, the other hand to pull off the skimmer cup.

    My plan to overcome/fix this annoyance, is to silicone the damn thing in place. I plan to use 3 or for dabs of silicone, and silicone it in place. Kinda like spot welding, I'll be spot siliconing the bottom of the skimmer to the sump itself.
  • Great Product By crabs_mcjones on 3/5/2016

    I upgraded to this unit from the Seaclone 100 and have noticed a night and day difference. This skimmer works excellent and is a grwat buy at a great price.
  • Wonderful Skimmer By James on 2/21/2016

    I love this skimmer. The pump is super quiet, and the collection cup has a waste drain that i port to an empty wine bottle. I cant really fit my hand into the skimmer for cleaning but that is not worth subtracting a star over due to the great value of the skimmer.
  • Great for the money By Chase on 2/5/2016

    This skimmer works real well. It is quiet and effective. Although, the break in period was a bit long for me. However, that could have been due to the fact that i have this thing running on a system of 35 gallons total water volume. I have owned this skimmer for a while and the higher the bioload gets the better this thing performs. It skimmed wet for me at first but i only had one fish so you could say it just didnt have enough to skim out in the first place.
  • The best entry level skimmer By Yak on 1/3/2016

    I tried this, the coralife super skimmer 125, and the aquac urchin pro. I like this one the best by far. Easiest to dial in, starts pulling black crud out immediately.
  • Awesome Skimmer! By Jeremy on 11/15/2015

    I had this skimmer on a 65g mixed reef, and it's the best skimmer I've ever used. It pulls out skimmate that has the consistency of chocolate pudding, The gate valve makes fine tuning this pretty easy and a foam head forms almost immediately. Even though the directions were pretty terrible, it doesn't take more than 5 minutes to assemble. I gave it a 5/5 despite the poor directions because it performed so awesome. I'll definitely be using the classic again when I upgrade.


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Product Questions

What is the recommended sump water level for this skimmer?


Question by: Mike on Feb 7, 2016 7:10:00 PM
Great question!
This skimmer will work well in 7"-9" of water. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Feb 10, 2016 6:09:00 PM
Will this work on a 90 gal with 20 gal sump?

Question by: Jordan Nelson on Mar 31, 2016 3:10:00 PM
Great question!
This could work with a very light bio-load not too many fish, most likely around 4-5 and a lite feeding. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Apr 5, 2016 2:34:00 PM
Could the unit be supplied with a water source plumbed into the venturi inlet instead of through standing water from the sump? I'm curious if I could use it in my aquaponic garden. Many thanks !!
Question by: Myron on Jul 16, 2016 10:55:00 PM
Hi Myron,
If you are looking for a skimmer that has a feed for the water intake we would suggest looking into a recirculating skimmer since they require some type of source to be fed into the skimmer from another pump, or overflow. By plumbing a source water into the intake of the venturi you may change the characteristics of how the pump runs and pulls air.
Just an FYI the protein skimmers we carry are designed to work with saltwater only and will not be effective in freshwater.
Answer by: Charlie (Admin) on Jul 18, 2016 10:36:00 AM
Will this be good for my 55g tank?
Question by: Lorenzo Bafumi on Jul 4, 2016 9:47:00 PM
This will work great with a 55 gallon! Will handle a heavy bio-load!
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Jul 6, 2016 2:26:00 PM
What size compartment in my sump/refugium is needed for this? I plan on having it sit in the 1st stage were the water input is, and the output from this would be going into the refugium (2nd stage) of the sump/fuge
Question by: Ryan on Jan 30, 2014 5:19:00 PM
Hi Ryan,
The footprint of the skimmer is about 11x7 so you will want to make sure that you have atleast that much space for it.
Answer by: Bulk Reef Supply on Jan 30, 2014 5:19:00 PM
Hi guys. Sorry if this is in a previously asked question, but the "view all questions" link is broken. I just installed my new Reef Octopus NWB110 and I'm not sure how to set the gate valve. The manufacturers instructions were kind of unclear about that. I initially set it so that the foam reaches the very top before it falls into the collection cup. Is that correct? What is the ideal way to set the gate valve? Thanks for the help.
Question by: Benji on Aug 28, 2014 1:19:00 PM
Hi Benji,

I apologize for the broken "Questions" feature, I'll have our web team look into it if they are not already aware of the issue.

For the initial water level setting I would set it at the wavy line on the skimmer body and adjust from there as the skimmer breaks in and you can determine how the skimmer behaves in your particular set up. If you are not getting any skimmate in the cup after 24 hours you can slowly raise the water level in the skimmer until you do at which point you can make fine adjustments to get the desired amount of water/skimmate in the cup. Some people like to skim "wet" (lighter colored liquid) while others like to skim dry (darker colored liquid).

I hope this helps!
Have a great day :)
Answer by: Bulk Reef Supply on Aug 28, 2014 1:19:00 PM