Reef Octopus CR140 5.5" Dual Calcium Reactor

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Reef Octopus CR140 5.5" Dual Calcium Reactor

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Quick Overview

Maintain the calcium and alkalinity in your reef tank with CR140 Dual Chamber Calcium Reactor from Reef Octopus.

  • Rated for aquariums up to 225 gallons

  • Reverse flow and CO2 recirculating design

  • Aquatrance 2000 Pump

  • Bubble counter

  • pH probe holder included (probe sold separately)

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    Full Details

    Reef Octopus Calcium Reactor Manual


    A calcium reactor is used to maintain a balanced amount of calcium and alkalinity in your reef tank. In order to use a calcium reactor, you will need a CO2 regulator, CO2 tank, pH probe/controller, small feed pump (flow rate should be set 1-2 liters per hour) and calcium reactor media. The secondary chamber allows for additional contact time and CO2 absorption before the effluent is returned back to the tank. If there is room available we always suggest a calcium reactor with a secondary chamber. 


    Filtration Handling

    Well Stocked Tank - Rated up to 125 gallons

    Medium Stocked Tank - Rated up to 175 gallons

    Light Stocked Tank - Rated up to 225 gallons



    • Reverse flow design
    • Control the reactor with CO2 needle valve and the effluent valve
    • Auto fill bubble counter
    • pH probe holder
    • Easy to remove lid
    • Precision effluent control valve
    • Solid construction
    • 1/4" quick connect fittings


    Reactor Specifications:

    • Body Size: Dual 5.5”
    • Foot Print: 15.8” x 9.5”
    • Total Height: 22.8”
    • Media Capacity: 7.6L
    • Inlet Size: 1/4"
    • Max Feed Rate: 150 GPH
    • Suggested feed rate is slightly higher than a full flowing influent


    Aquatrance 2000 Pump Features:

    • Quiet operation
    • Power Consumption: 45 Watts


    Manufacturer's Warranty

    • 2 year on pump
    • 1 year on reactor body


    8 Items

    • well designed By Bob on 7/28/2016

      Reactor was easy to setup and dial in. Has worked as described since installation.
    • Very Nice By Mark on 1/12/2015

      Easy to set up, thick acrylic, runs like a champ. Love the second chamber my tank pH bottoms out at 8.1 vs 7.8 with a single chamber.
    • awesome By momo on 12/11/2013

      I bought this after reading reviews and found all others issues above are operator error. Its normal for calc or other readings to be low if u don't have enough magnesium or if there is too much co2 getting out. And the pump comes with a base suction cup stand, it does have something to sit on, the person above didn't assemble everything correctly. No leaks...
    • I love this beast By WetDreams on 8/18/2012

      Great quality built and easy fittings. Works like a champ!!
    • good buy By Dale on 2/29/2012

      I have been running this for a year now and it keeps my calc A little high but other than that it runns perfect no problems easy to fill and clean. If this ever breaks I would rebuy it agian
    • This is not bad reactor By Taeyoung on 9/22/2011

      It's build like tank, easy to change media, but DKH is always low(7-8) . If I buring the dkh to 9-10, calcium level goes up too high.
    • good By pshh on 6/11/2011

      Great product, the dual chamber keeps my ph in a way better range then my single chamber coralife ever did! I maintain tanks for a living and i am thinking about switching out all my ca rx with this beast the size alone is outstanding the quality (thickness of the acrylic) if i can say a bad thing about his product it would be when you pump catches air it makes a little noise but find me a ca rx that dosn't do that! maybe we can get a waterblaster pump upgrade in the future but for now this thing is perfecta! didnt have any problems with leaks must have been operator error CJD..
    • Don't Buy By CJD on 5/15/2011

      This is absolute garbage. Every single connection leaks. Badly. I disassembled everything and re-assembled everything more than once trying to stop them. I tightened things until I stripped the plastic tabs off the connections and it still leaked. Then the pump broke off (it doesn't really sit on the platform!!?). Would have been better off taking $300 and burning it.


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