Red Sea Reef Colors Pro Multi Test Kit (I2,K,Fe)

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Red Sea Reef Colors Pro Multi Test Kit (I2,K,Fe)

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Quick Overview

Amazing Value. High quality and reliability.

This kit combines three tests in one – Iodine, Potassium and Iron.

  • Easy to use colorimetric comparator and titrator

  • Affordable reagent refills

  • Kit includes 50 Iodine, 40 Potassium and 45 Iron tests.


Full Details

Red Sea Reef Colors Pro Multi Test Kit Contents:

Test Name


# of Tests



Test Type




±.03 ppm

0 - .09 ppm





±12 ppm

150 - 450 ppm





±.05 ppm

0 - .09 ppm



11 Items

  • don't worth it By Ammar on 10/15/2017

    Difficult to execute correctly and take a lot of time and reading is not accurate
  • Expected more from Red Sea By Jefffrey on 2/25/2016

    Just tried the Potassium test. WOW, good luck with the color change. Red Sea your better than this!
  • As expected By brian on 2/1/2015

    This is a nice test kit. I takes time (30min or so) to do it but seems to work fine.
  • great product and quality By David on 10/13/2014

    This kit is very helpful if you are dosing these elements. Refills are economical.
  • am looking into other brands for testing By Kevin on 8/22/2014

    I love most red sea products except this one. this test kit is fairly hard to use. this is coming from someone with a background in sampling water i can get it done but it takes me about 30 mins. seems like it doesn't have enough test tubes to get all three tests done at once because two tests require that you wait I would like to perform them both at the same time, also having to use the same test tubes looses sterility between tests with the residue form the previous test even after washing, I will be looking to another brand of test kit in the near future.
  • Would buy again By Mondo on 6/19/2014

    Not difficult at all to do. Accurate. And reliable. Exactly what I expected
  • Easy to Read By Mark on 8/12/2013

    My LFS says that testing Potassium is one of the hardest tests to do, but I didn't see any trouble with this multi test kit. They are more advanced than the typical test kits, and definitely more room for error, but I enjoyed testing with this kit. The directions are clear and concise, and there are youtube videos that Red Sea releases for each and every test kit they make. That alone is priceless!
  • 2 of 3 isn't bad? Update By Jarrod0987 on 11/14/2012

    I have been in contact with Red Sea. They were out of stock but eventualy provided an iron test kit refill for free which works properly. I also have discovered that running activated carbon removes iodine which explains why I never have an iodine present in my system. I am giving this a 5 start review to counteract the 2 star previously given. All in all, I feel it's a 4 to 5 star product. Weather dosing these is usefull or not is hotly debated. But if you do, Use this kit.
  • 2 of 3 isn't bad? By jarrod0987 on 10/5/2012

    Bought this kit. I am a skeptic by heart and I love the idea of being able to dose things based on there actual levels and not just "add once a month" etc. The Iodine and Pottassium tests seem to be working but the iron test reads 0 even when I add a drop from the Iron supplement bottle. It is not uncommon that a test solution will get stale after a few months and stop working. I have emailed Red Sea to see if they will send me a iron test refill kit. Over all I'm starting to think that knowing what colors are "Dull" and dosing based on that might be a better Idea. If it ain't broke, don't overdose it.
  • Good but questions still remain By Jack on 7/27/2012

    I am still debating the value of this test kit, and the experts are still debating the need to dose these. Usually water changes will provide what is needed, but this kit will let you know if you are within a range of parameters.
  • Nothing else like it By Andrew on 3/29/2012

    If you dose I2 and K you should get this. I try and get the most out of my SPS so I dose and check the range with this kit. I don't have much of a use for the Fe, but I'm sure to use it sometime. Still a great value and if you dose I2 and K don't guess and think your tank is OK, because it will crash and you will be sorry. This kit is effective and because of the refills it is cost effective.


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