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Aquarium protein skimmers are known to help remove the organic pollutants in your tank, and help keep the water crystal-clear and the inhabitants healthy. Because of these factors, protein skimmers are easily one of the most important components of any aquarium. Bulk Reef Supply carries a variety of protein skimmers from Bubble King, Vertex, Bubble Magus and Octopus making it easy to find the right protein skimmer for your system at the right price.

Protein Skimmers can help you maintain a healthy, thriving salt water reef tank free of disease and other harmful compounds that may endanger the lives of your fish. Organic waste and other harmful compounds can be expected to thrive in your reef tanks and by using a protein skimmer, you will be able to help get rid of this waste before it starts to decompose and harm your fish.

Protein skimmers work by injecting bubbles into the water, which attract proteins and other amino acids found in decomposing organic matter. Once attached to the bubbles these proteins will be easier to remove and flow over into the skimmer cup. This process is an important part of your aquarium's biological filter.

At BRS we recommend using the tank size recommendation only as a guideline. There is no way these suggestions can accurately judge your particular tank because everyone has different livestock, feeding habits and maintenance schedules. A quality protein skimmer is a critical piece of equipment and can easily be the difference between a single year or a lifetime of success with your reef tank. This is the rule we suggest when choosing a skimmer. Choose the best possible skimmer that fits inside your budget and the space you have available. In the long run this will save you a fortune because you won’t feel the need to constantly upgrade your equipment.

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