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80g to 150g Calcium Reactor Starter Bundle (DISCONTINUED)

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1 x CR100 4" Calcium Reactor   + $0.00
1 x CO2 Regulator and Solenoid Kit 7077.400 (DISCONTINUED)   + $0.00
1 x CO2 Tank - 5 lbs.   + $0.00
1 x Milwaukee MC122 pH Controller   + $0.00
1 x Syncra Silent 0.5 Pump (185 GPH)   + $0.00
1 x 1/4" Male NPT x 1/4" Push Connect   + $0.00
1 x 1 Gallon ARM Reactor Media - Coarse   + $0.00

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Earn 796 Reward Points

    Take the hassle and uncertainty out of piecing together a calcium reactor system and start enjoying the benefits of greater stability and lower maintenance.


    Calcium reactors can be an appealing way to manage calcium and alkalinity for your reef for a number of reasons. Some might value the rock solid parameter stability that dosing 24/7 can bring, while others may not like dealing with frequently mixing up 2-part solutions or adjusting salinity due to ionic imbalances. Many gear junkie hobbyists just find the equipment tech appealing. Regardless, because of the variety of equipment needed to set up a calcium reactor, many people find these systems to be intimidating and might shy away from taking the next step.


    With the Calcium Reactor Starter Bundle, we take the guesswork out of equipment selection and provide time-tested and trusted equipment that you can count on to deliver excellent results. 


    Reef Octopus CR100 4" Calcium Reactor - Rated for aquariums up to 150 gallons.

    • Reverse flow & recirculating design
    • Auto fill bubble counter
    • pH probe holder
    • Easy to remove lid
    • Precision effluent control valve
    • Solid construction
    • 1/4" quick connect fittings


    Tunze CO2 Regulator and Solenoid Kit

    We have searched for a reliable and afforable CO2 regulator and solenoid and found the Tunze combo to deliver the best results. The Tunze CO2 Regulator will thread into standard CGA 320 threads without the use of any tools. Two gauges on the regulator show the tank pressure, and also the working pressure. Each regulator also includes a safety pressure-relief valve. The Solenoid comes with a power supply and check valve that can go inline between the reactor and solenoid valve. 

    • Solid & reliable precision 7077.3 CO2  regulator
    • Dual Stage regulator
    • No tools required
    • Heavy-duty 7074.00 Solenoid
    • Inline Check Valve


    Milwaukee MC122 pH Controller

    Milwaukee Instruments offer affordable and reliable aquarium equipment. The attractive price and high quality has made Milwaukee an increasingly popular choice for aquarists. Milwaukee Smart meters are manufactured to be easy to use, practical and highly accurate. They are ideal for saltwater aquarium use and provide stable, reliable results.


    Sicce Syncra .5 - Effluent Pump

    Sicce pumps offer best-in-class value with quiet operation, low power consumption, and great longevity. We've found these pumps to deliver great results for feeding low-flow reactors and output can be easily tuned with the calcium reactor's effluent valve.


    Caribsea ARM CaRx media - Coarse

    ARM Coarse Reactor Media is made from aragonite and is an excellent source of calcium carbonate for reef. The coarse media works well to maintain steady flow through the media bed while providing plenty of reactive surface area. 

    • Nearly 50x the Strontium of other brands (7390ppm)
    • Precision grading allows for maximum carbon dioxide penetration
    • No gastropod shells means the lowest phosphate content (less than 1/10th of 1ppm)
    • Highest solubility of any reactor media (metastable at 8.2)


    CO2 Tank - 5lbs

    This high quality C02 tank is the perfect size to fit into most setups while delivering a steady supply of CO2. This tank ships empty and will need to be filled at a local gas supply before use. Once filled, this tank will typically hold enough CO2 to last for a few months.


    CR100 Specifications:

    • Body Size: 4”
    • Foot Print: 9.5” x 7.5”
    • Total Height: 20”
    • Media Capacity: 1.7L
    • Inlet Size: 1/4"
    • Max Feed Rate: 150 GPH
    • Suggested feed rate is slightly higher than a full flowing influent
    • Aquatrance 1200 recirculating pump


    MC122 Specifications:

    • Range: 0.0 to 14.0 pH
    • Resolution: 0.1 pH
    • Accuracy: +/-0.2 pH pH set point 5.5 to 9.5 pH
    • Visual LED pH Alarm: active when measurement is higher or lower than set point
    • pH Probe: MA911B/2 (included)
    • pH Electrode: Double junction pH electrode with 2 meter cable (BNC connector) 
    • Power Supply: 12 VDC power adapter (included) and mounting kit


    Sicce Syncra .5 Specifications:

    • Output: 185 GPH
    • Maximum Head Height: 4 Ft
    • Power Consumption: 8W
    • Inlet: 1/2" Female NPT or 3/8"-9/16" Hose
    • Outlet: 1/2" Female NPT or 3/8"-9/16" Hose
    • Dimensions: 3.54" x 1.89" x 2.83"


    CO2 Tank Specifications:

    • Dimensions: 17.5" x 5.25"
    • Material: Aluminum with brass valve


    What's Included?

    • Reef Octopus CR100 w/Aquatrance 1200 
    • Tunze 7077.400 CO2 Regulator & Solenoid Kit
    • Milwaukee MC122 pH Controller
    • Sicce Syncra .5 Pump
    • CaribSea ARM Reactor Media - Coarse
    • CO2 Tank
    • 1/4" NPT x Push Connect fitting (tubing adapter for Sicce pump)


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