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Classic 150EXT 6” Recirculating Protein Skimmer - Reef Octopus

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    BRS Recommended for tanks up to:

    Heavy Bioload (Most Common) - 100 Gallons

    Medium Bioload - 150 Gallons

    Light Bioload - 200 gallons

    External skimmer powered by Aquatrance 2000s pump with an improved venturi design and pinwheel impeller. Built with high quality acrylic. Wedge pipe output allows for more adjustment of the skimmer compared to ball valves. ½” clearance required to remove collection cup for easy cleaning.

    Footprint - 12.2" x 10.4"

    Height - 25.6"

    Feed Pump Required - 200 to 400 gph recommended


    Classic EXT Skimmer Setup Guide


    The Classic 150EXT skimmer requires a feed pump to feed water to the skimmer. The recommended maximum flow rating for this skimmer is 400 GPH. These numbers are based on zero back pressure on the output plumbing. If you add 90° bends on the plumbing back to a sump you may need to back off the amount of water being feed through the skimmer. We recommend that you use a ball valve inline from your feed pump to the skimmer allowing you to control the water flow.

    • High performance venturi air injection system
    • Modified cone neck design designed for easy transition of micro bubbles into cup
    • Requires a feed pump or plumbed from an overflow to inject water into skimmer
    • Can be in sump or external
    • Metric plumbing parts.
    • 1 year warranty on skimmer and pump


    Note: A feed pump is required that can flow around 1.5 - 2 times the systems volume. We suggest a pump around 200 - 400 GPH, and particularly like the VarioS 2 Controllable DC pump or Sicce Syncra Silent 1.5, we also highly recommend a gate valve to help control and fine tune the flow of water into the skimmer from the feed pump.


    Filtration Handling

    Well Stocked Tank - Rated up to 100 gallons

    Medium Stocked Tank - Rated up to 150 gallons

    Light Stocked Tank - Rated up to 200 gallons


    Skimmer Specifications:

    • Body Diameter: 5"
    • Neck Size: 3"
    • Foot Print: 12.2" x 10.4"
    • Total Height: 25.6"
    • Output Size: 40mm - 1.25”
    • Input Size: 1/2" Union/5/8" Barb


    Aquatrance 2000s Pinwheel Pump Features:

    • Air Draw: 720 L/H*
    • Power Consumption: 18W

    *Aquarium set up will determine air and water results.


    What's Included?

    • Classic 150EXT Protein Skimmer
    • Aquatrance 2000s Pinwheel Pump
    • Output Gate Valve
    • Metric to Standard Adapter
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