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KS150 Kalk Stirrer (Nilsen Reactor) - Reef Octopus (DISCONTINUED)

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    Nilson Reactors will help automate the addition on kalkwasser by gently mixing and stirring kalkwasser with your top off water creating a super saturated slurry.

    • Rated for aquariums up to 300 gallons
    • Push-connect fittings
    • Kalk stirrer body with stirrer pump
    • Quiet operation
    • Requires feed pump and control timer


    Reef Octopus KS150 Kalk Stirrer Manual


    Kalkwasser dosing is considered one of the best all around methods to supplement calcium and alkalinity in a balanced solution. Pushing your top off water through a Nilson Reactor will create a super saturated slurry that has a high pH, helping increase your tanks pH while keeping your reefs most important elements (calcium and alkalinity) stable and balanced. There are many different dosing methods for kalkwasser, and by using a reactor, you can go longer in between maintenance while keeping a very stable, and consistent solution.


    When adding kalkwasser to any aquarium, it is best to use a pump with a slow flow rate. Due to the high pH of the solution, it is best to add kalkwasser in small amounts, slowly, multiple times a day. Most ATO systems on the market will fit the flow rate needs of the reactor very nicely.  A timer for the stir bar motor is required to mix the solution throughout the day. We suggest the reactor mix just a few times a day for just a couple of minutes.


    More Features:

    • Solid construction
    • Push connect input and output: 1/4"
    • Designed to keep large particles in bottom of chamber with saturated solution at top
    • Large thumb screws to quickly release lid


    Reactor Specifications:

    • Body Diameter: 6”
    • Height: 26”
    • Footprint: 7.68" x 7.68"

    Note: Requires control timer and feed pump. The Kalk Stirrer uses a 20w motor that has a lifetime of about 1500 hours.


    Manufacturer's Warranty

    • 1 year on reactor body


    Item #: OCT-KS150

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    Product Name KS150 Kalk Stirrer (Nilsen Reactor) - Reef Octopus (DISCONTINUED)
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    Reactor Placement External
    Media Capacity 1 Cup / 236mL
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