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Automatic Skimmer Cleaner (ANC) with 250 Lid (OPEN BOX)

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Automatically clean the collection cup of your Reef Octopus protein skimmer to keep it running at peak performance. Automatic Neck Cleaners (ANC) are designed to fit Reef Octopus skimmers. Consistently cleaning the neck of your protein skimmer will reduce the build-up of bio-organics. This build-up causes the foam to stick to the sides and can restrict the collection of skimmate in the skimmer's collection cup. ANC units will increase the height of your skimmer by approximately 4.75".


  • Solid construction
  • Sealed accessible drive motor
  • Twin squeegee blades
  • High torque low RPM motor
  • Wiper mount
  • Lid with mounting clamps
  • Automatic by plugging neck cleaner into a timer (sold separately) or an aquarium controller (sold separately)
  • Set to run for a few minutes 4-6 times per day


Model Number SKU Compatible With:
ANC 110 207865 SRO1000, XP1000(ext/int), NWB110, DNWB110
ANC 150 207866 SRO2000(int), NWB150, DNWB150, DCS150, POV1
ANC 160 207868 XS160
ANC 170 207870 XP2000(int), SRO2000(ext),  DCS170
ANC 200 207869 SRO3000(int/ext), XP2000(ext/sss), NWB200, DNWB200, XS200, EXT200, DCS200,  POV2
ANC 220 207871 XP3000, SRO3000(int), POV3
ANC 250 207872 SRO5000, Regal 250, NWB250, DNWB250, XS250, EXT250, EXT350, DCS250, DCSR250
ANC 300 209094 SRO6000, Regal 300 
ANC 250 Float Switch 211147 Regal 250 (includes hole for float switch)
ANC 300 Float Switch 211148 Regal 300 (includes hole for float switch)


Neptune Apex Code for Neck Cleaner Operation:

This will operate the cleaner for 15 seconds out of every 6 hours, continuously.

  1. 1. [Cleaner]
  2. 2. Fallback OFF
  3. 3. OSC 000/00:15/359:45

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