Reverse Osmosis

Bulk Reef Supply takes great pride in our well-built, leak-free, affordable reverse osmosis and deionization systems. We use American made filters from GE, DOW, and other industry leaders along with American-made Mur-lok dual EPMD O-Ring fittings to construct all our RO systems. We build and sell over a variety of different RODI system set ups in our Minnesota warehouse so you are sure to find the right system for your space and needs. Our Reverse Osmosis systems are specifically designed for use with saltwater aquariums, but we do have multi-use Drinking and Reef water systems too.

The purpose of the reverse osmosis water filter systems is to produce water safe for the aquarium by removing chlorine, nitrates, phosphates and other contaminants from your home’s tap water. It is important to install reef aquarium filters that are capable of producing zero total dissolved solids (TDS) water to ensure the health of its inhabitants and prevent algae growth. Our deionization and reverse osmosis systems provide the best reef aquarium filtration available.

Bulk Reef Supply RODI systems we have specifically built to produce perfect water for reef aquariums and and other types of fish tanks. 

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  1. Smart Buddie RO/DI Booster Pump - For 50-100 GPD Systems
    Aquatic Life
    Smart Buddie RO/DI Booster Pump - For 50-100 GPD Systems
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