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Dual DI Phosphate CO2 & Silica Eliminator with DM-1 Dual TDS Meter - Bulk Reef Supply

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    Dual deionization add-on canister kit complete with HM Digital Dual Inline TDS Meter! Just choose your favorite DI resin to put inside. We suggest using our Pro Series Anion and Pro Series Mixed Bed Cation resins for the ultimate Phosphate, Silica, and Carbon Dioxide elimination system! Add it to your current reverse osmosis system or upgrade your current deionization system and notice immediate results!

    • Dual TDS Meter already installed
    • Perfect for adding additional DI stages to your RO system
    • Includes 5 Feet of RO Tubing
    • ¼" Push Connect Fittings


    All of our RO and DI systems use 1/4" push connect tubing and high-quality Mur-Lok fittings allowing them to be compatible with any BRS RO/DI system and most others on the market today.


    Suggested Deionization Resins for CO2, phosphate, and silica removal:

    Stage 1 - Pro Series Anion DI Resin

    Stage 2 - Pro Mixed Bed Cation DI Resin

    If you have an issue with phosphates, silica, or carbon dioxide not being completely removed from your RO membrane this is the perfect solution. The anion resin will neutralize negatively charged ions such as Si, CO2, and PO4 where the mixed bed cation resin will then remove all other ions from the water, in addition being a back-up to the single bed anion resin when it becomes fully exhausted.

    It is important to use a mixed bed resin that has the color changing indicator contained within the opposite charge as the single bed. If you are going to use a cation single bed, you will need to use an anion mixed bed resin as the second stage.


    Dual TDS Meter Preinstalled Metering Locations

    Sensor 1 - Incoming water to DI stage 1

    Sensor 2 - Final output from DI stage 2


    Dimensions - 10" x 6.25" x 14"


    What's Included?

    1x Dual Deionization Canister Assembly

    1x HM Digital DM-1 Dual TDS Meter

    5 Feet Blue RO Tubing


    What's Needed?

    Two Single Cartridge Refills of Deionization Resin - Choose the resin that best fits your water needs. 

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