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Value to Deluxe RO/DI Upgrade Kit


2 x Add-On Canister Upgrade Kit   + $0.00

1 x 2.5" x 10” Clear Refillable Cartridge for DI Resin (Standard)   + $0.00

2 x BRS Universal Carbon Block Filter - 1 Micron   + $0.00

2 x One Cartridge Refill (1.25 lbs.) DI Resin (Color Changing)   + $0.00

1 x 2.5" x 10" - 1 Micron Premium ROsave.Z Sediment Filter   + $0.00

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    Why does BRS recommend this?

    If you find out your water supply is now being treated with chloramines, and you currently have a BRS Value (or most other 4 stage) RODI system and need to upgrade it to a 6 Stage Deluxe RODI system we have put together a kit that is easy to install.  Instead of having to buy a new RODI system or trying to figure out every little part you may need to upgrade your current system, we have put together an upgrade kit with everything you should need including filters and DI resin. 

    One of the main points of focus when it comes to RODI systems is chlorine, and chloramines.  More and more cities are starting to use chloramines to treat their water because it lasts longer than standard chlorine, which a single carbon block can have a hard time removing on its own. 

    This kit is designed to add two additional canisters to your 4 Stage RO/DI system to upgrade to a 6 Stage Deluxe RO/DI system. One canister should be installed before your system and used to house a sediment filter which allows you to use the two pre-filter canisters on your RO/DI system to house dual BRS Universal Carbon Blocks.

    The other canister should be installed after your system and used to house a second deionization cartridge and resin.


    Compatible with:

    BRS 4 Stage Value RO/DI Systems

    BRS 4 Stage Value Plus RO/DI Systems


    Uses 1/4" Mur-lok Polyethylene RO Tubing


    Whats Included?

    • 2x Single Add-On Canister
    • 1x 6 Stage Deluxe Filter Kit
    • 1x Refillable Cartridge for Deionization Resin
    • 2x Single Cartridge Refill for Deionization Resin
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