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Add-On Canister Upgrade Kit

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The Add-On Canister Upgrade Kit is great for anyone that wants to add more filtration to their RODI system. If you simply want to add another carbon block, sediment filter, or DI resin, you can increase your filtration capacity very quickly. Depending on the specific issue you wish to solve, it can be very beneficial to run multiple of the same type of filter with different micron sizes.

  • Industry Standard Housing: accepts most 2.5" x 10" RO Filters


Filter Recommendations


What's Included?

  • Add-On Canister with Fittings
  • Wall Mounting Bracket
  • 5' 1/4" Mur-Lok 1/4" RO Tubing
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Filter Dimensions 10 in. x 2.5 in. (Standard)
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Product Questions

Is this safe for drinking water as an under sink filter?
Question by: Ed Soniat on Apr 5, 2023, 3:54 PM
Hello, yes this is in fact safe for drinking water.
Happy Reefing,
BRS Customer service team
Answer by: Alexander Reinartz (BRS Staff) on Apr 7, 2023, 11:53 AM
Hi! I’m adding an RO canister to go from a 4 stage system to 5 stage system (adding an extra carbon block). Does it matter where I physically mount the new canister? Can it be below or above my 4 stage system? I don’t have the space to Mount it directly in line with my current setup.

Thank you!
Question by: Patrick Exner on Jun 2, 2022, 7:34 PM
Thanks for the question! This can be added above or below assuming you have adequate water pressure above 50psi so that the difffence in height doesn't hinder peformance of the RO membranes. Let us know if you have any additional questions!
Answer by: Kyle Thomas (BRS Staff) on Jun 7, 2022, 10:13 AM
where do i find the container that goes inside in which the actual media gets placed in ?
Question by: michal makarewicz on Dec 28, 2017, 12:22 AM
Thanks for reaching out to BRS!

The cartridge needed to turn this into a DI resin chamber can be found here, https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/clear-refillable-cartridge-for-di-resin.html

Have a great day!
Answer by: Josh Cuta on Jan 2, 2018, 11:58 AM
what is the thread on the fittings? 3/8 or 1/4?
Question by: Justin on Apr 4, 2015, 2:04 AM
Great Question Justin! All of our RO/DI units and upgrades utilize 1/4" fittings with the exception of the membrane housings which are 1/8" npt x 1/4" push connect.
Answer by: Bulk Reef Supply on Apr 4, 2015, 2:04 AM