Hydros Control XD Aquarium Controller

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The Perfect Companion Device to Add More Control

  • Power and monitor up to 3 12V devices
  • Two Command Bus ports for connecting to other HYDROS Control devices
  • Power Port for additional redundancy
  • Quick & easy setup-- no coding required
  • Monitor and control your HYDROS device(s) locally through WiFi
  • Smart & intuitive HYDROS App
  • Splash-proof & dust-proof housing
  • Made in the USA

Add more control to your existing HYDROS system!

The HYDROS Control XD is a compact yet powerful controller with three 12-volt DC Drive ports that can run dosing pumps, LED cabinet lights, fans, and more. It also includes a Power port providing another layer of redundancy to the Control system. Set up is quick and easy, making this ideal for beginner and advanced hobbyists. It was constructed using industrial-grade materials, making it resistant to the elements and built to last. Like all HYDROS products, the Control CD is engineered, assembled, and supported in the USA.

Using the Control XD is a breeze-- simply tap, drag, press, or flick through settings and menus using intuitive icons and simple menus on the App. You can easily schedule each component in your aquarium life support system to run at a specific time, frequency, or intensity.  You can also use real-time data and easily configure more complex actions, or set up alarms and alerts to avert accidents and keep your system safe. Automating your aquarium requires zero coding or headaches-- If you can use a smartphone, then you can program this controller!

3x Drive Ports -- The Drive Ports provide switched 12V DC power for running small lights, motors, pumps, fans, and other accessories. The exact current being supplied by each port is continuously monitored by the Control XD, so if a motor or pump quits drawing current or draws too much, you will be immediately notified. A few example of supported accessories include:

  • Auto Top Off (ATO) pumps
  • Cooling fans
  • Cabinet LED lights
  • Solenoids to control RO/DI systems

Each Drive Port can handle up to 1.5A, and the entire device can handle up to 3A total.


2x Command Bus -- Two Command Bus Ports are available for powering, connecting to and communicating with other HYDROS devices for additional redundancy. 


1x Power Port -- The Control XD includes a dedicated Power Port for additional redundancy and safety in your aquarium life support system.


What's Included?

1x Control XD Unit

1x Power Supply


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Product Questions

hello, is the compatible with the 2K Gyre Flow Pump Only (2000 GPH) - IceCap? i can't seem the figure out what adapter i need to connect it to the pump
Question by: Chris Keller on Apr 20, 2023, 12:11 AM
They are but require the wave engine to communicate.
Answer by: Tyler Schafer (BRS Staff) on Apr 21, 2023, 12:43 PM