1-Pack ICP-OES Testing Kit - Triton

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1-Pack ICP-OES Testing Kit - Triton

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Quick Overview

Know what is in your water!

Return shipping not included - You must place proper postage on the testing package and ship it to Tritons US based distributor.

Triton ICP-OES testing will provide you with a detailed analysis for 36 different elements with extreme accuracy.

  • Higher levels of success

  • Just fill the vials and send it in

  • Know what is missing, excessive and how to fix it


Full Details

Triton ICP-OES Testing is done in Dusseldorf, Germany and must be shipped to Triton's US distributor for forewarding to Triton's testing lab. Return postage is not included and is usually under $2.50 to ship to the US distributor. In most cases results will be accessable within one to two weeks.

Ship all Triton ICP-OES tests to:


P.O. Box 1549

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729


What Is Triton Testing?

Triton ICP-OES (Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emmission Spectrometry) testing is done using plasma that is heated to 10,000 degrees Kelvin and will litterly rip molecules apart giving the most accurate saltwater aquarium test results available. Traditionaly most testing on reef tanks is done with hobby grade, low cost test kits, that are natorious for being inaccurate and hard to discern. Triton testing gives you precise views into 36 different elements that are very important to overall coral health and vitality. 


Why Use Triton Testing?

Knowing the elemental concentration in your reef tank is very important, and traditionally a large water change was done once every 6 months to a year to help allevieate the possability of molecule and element build up in the water. Using Triton ICP testing lets you know what is right, what is excessive, what is missing, and how to fix it all. After sending in your Triton test you will receive a detailed analysis of what is in your reef, and how you should react.


We highly recommend a minimum of 3 tests for your first time so you can establish a "baseline" reading for your reef with a second test to track any adjustments made after the initial test, and then the third test is used to determine what trace elements are being consumed at a higher rate than others after the initial adjustments.



1. Visit triton-labs website and register an account. 

2. Inside of the test kit, their will be a barcode that you will need to connect the test kit to the account you just created. 

3. Collect a sample of water from your aquarium both test vials with aquarium water three times, then filling each vial completely. 

4. Place the barcodes on each vial and then put them both into the return shipping box. 

5. Remove the protective film from the sticky tape and seal the box.

6. Place proper postage on the package and place it in your mailbox (usually $2.50 in postage) or bring it to your local Post Office. (postage not included)

7. You will then start to recieve email updates when the sample is received, and also when the test is completed. 


Want to learn more about the Triton System?

A Guide to the Triton Method - This guide was made to give you the necessary information on how to use the Triton Method. 

Triton Method Beginners Guide - A high-level overview of what the Triton system is and how to implement it. 

The Triton Method Full Guide - The full guide for how to set up an aquarium system for the Triton Method with the science and principles behind it.

The Unofficial Triton Method For Dummies - A guide by hobbyist focused on simplifying the Triton Method



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