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Red Sea Nitrate Pro (NO3) Test Kit

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    Maintaining low nitrate levels will help prevent algae outbreaks, promote coral and fish health as well as bring out the best coral colors. Red Sea Nitrate Pro (NO3) Test Kit accurately measures nitrate levels. Red Sea produces an algae management line of test kits including nitrate and phosphate test kits. Providing an accurate measurement of these elements allows for proper dosing and control of algae nutrient levels.

    Red Sea Nitrate Pro Test Kit Includes:

    • 100 tests
    • Accuracy: ±0.125 ppm
    • Range: 0-64 ppm
    • Test Type: Color comparator
    • Affordable reagent refills


    A successful coral reef aquarium depends on how well you maintain the water parameters which are the key to a stable coral environment. Using Red Sea test kits will allow you to accurately measure these levels and guide you on your path to reefing success.


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