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PINPOINT ORP (Redox) 400 Calibration Fluid

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PINPOINT 400 ORP/REDOX Calibration Fluid contains a precise 400mV measurement of calibration solution. Occasional retesting with this fluid will keep PINPOINT ORP/REDOX probes accurate as well as help determine if the probe is ready for replacement.

PINPOINT 400 ORP/REDOX Calibration Fluid is sold in a single use packets.

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Product Questions

Hi - how do I use this to calibrate my Apex Neptune orp probe? If I try to calibrate it asks for Quin-7 and Quin-4 solution. If I just try to use this for both it fails calibration and restores default setting. The BRS orp probe I bought is reading 386 in this solution so I'd like to calibrate. Thanks!
Question by: Andrew Bruemmer on Apr 29, 2016, 10:53 AM
Great question!
I have included our video on the subject below. Please view through the end. Additionally for direct assistance you will want to reach out to Neptune Systems directly.
Answer by: Connor on Apr 29, 2016, 3:39 PM