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ATI ICP-OES Water Analysis - ATI

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    Scientific testing for a complete picture of aquarium health

    Knowing what’s going on inside your tank’s water shouldn’t be a complicated process. Get a comprehensive look at your tank’s water chemistry using ATI ICP testing. ICP-OES testing has become a mainstay tool of modern reefing. With it, we gain detailed visibility into the chemistry of our reef tanks. We no longer have to blindly dose cocktails of elements trying to correct a deficiency while at the same time elevating other elements unnecessarily.


    Parameters Tested:

    • Salinity


    • Alkalinity
    • Nitrate
    • RO Water Check
    • All Major Elements
    • Trace Elements



    More than just ICP

    ICP testing does not test for everything. As such, the ATI test also includes a titration test for measuring carbonate hardness, ion chromatography tests for both fluoride and nitrate as well as a high-precision conductivity meter to double-check salinity.


    Free shipping & fast turnaround

    Using the included shipping label, get results in 1-2 weeks from ATI’s lab in Germany. Just don’t forget to register your serial number before shipping your test!


    What’s Included?

    3x Aquarium Water Sample Vials

    1x RO Water Sample Vial

    1x Pre-paid shipping label


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