Red Sea Marine Care Test Kit

Red Sea Marine Care Test Kit
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  • Red Sea Marine Care Test Kit
  • Red Sea Marine Care Test Kit
  • Red Sea Marine Care Test Kit
  • Red Sea Marine Care Test Kit
  • Red Sea Marine Care Test Kit
  • Red Sea Marine Care Test Kit
  • Red Sea Marine Care Test Kit

Red Sea Marine Care Test Kit

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Quick Overview

All the tests you need in one kit to monitor the biological maturation of your new reef tank or on-going maintenance of an established tank.

Kit includes:

  • 100 Ammonia test kits

  • 100 Nitrate test kits

  • 60 Nitrite test kits

  • 100 pH test kits

  • 55 Alkalinity test kits

  • Analytical grade glass vials
  • More

    Full Details

    Red Sea Marine Care Test Kit Manual


    Red Sea Reef Marine Care Test Kit Contents

    Test NameElement# of TestsAccuracyRangeTest Type
    Ammonia NH3/NH4 100 ±.1ppm 0-2ppm Colorimetric
    Nitrate NO3 100 ±1ppm 0-250ppm Colorimetric
    Nitrite NO2 60 ±.025ppm 0-1pppm Colorimetric
    pH pH 100 ±.1ppm 7.6-8.6 Colorimetric
    Alkalinity dKH 55 1 dKH/0.36 meq/L 0-∞ Titration


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    • Great product By John on 7/11/2017

      Very accurate and easy to use
    • Great product By Chris on 2/8/2017

      Accurate and easy to use.
    • Keep an eye on Exp. date... By Mike on 1/8/2017

      Great test kits and much better to buy the all in one kits versus individually. Way less cluter. Just remember, these kits only last about a year before fluids go bad.
    • Easy test kit. Highly recommend By Joseph on 10/2/2016

      Easy kit to use . Easy to read and use color charts.
    • Color results dont match any on the color chart By virginia on 8/27/2016

      The pink on the result did not match any on the color card, yet BRS states the nitrates are super high. All my corals are doing fine, just thought I would try a test that Is known to be one of the better products. Not if the results cant be read.
    • You're really paying for just three tests: nitrite, pH, ammonia. By -e- on 8/19/2016

      This kit has a regular nitrate test with an accuracy of 2ppm but their pro nitrate test has an accuracy of 0.125ppm. This kit has a hardness test but their RCP kit has one too. I would get this kit only for NH3/NO2/pH, the RCP for Ca/KH/Mg, and the Algae Control for NO3/PO4.
    • good quality kit By Kevin on 2/16/2016

      I like the glass vials and case. like most color test kits, it is sometimes hard to decipher the solution color against the results color card.
    • Ok By timothy on 12/27/2015

      Used this and got way different results from my LFS. Still showing nitrates when others didnt detect any. So i will be trying something different
    • Great test kit By timothy on 10/17/2015

      Very easy to use. Colors very distinct. Highly recommend
    • Easy to use By TJ on 7/12/2015

      Great kit to use for initial cycle! Easy to read and use with the color charts. Only downside is the nitrite and ammonia tests don't read high range
    • Good Test Kit By RICHARD on 6/16/2015

      This is easy to use and the instructions are clear.
    • Easy to use By GUSTAVO on 6/4/2015

      Having so many test kit manufacturers is really hard to decide which one to go with, this one is really easy to use, very detailed instructions and better color guidance than other kits.
      Gave 4 starts just because its a little bit pricey


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    Product Questions

    I'm confused about the Nitrate test in this particular kit. The product specs list the Nitrate test as having a range of 0-250ppm. But the color chart in my kit only shows from 0-50ppm.

    Over the last seven months, I've observed results of 50+ppm (the color matches [exceeds] the darkest swatch).
    However, my LFS has always tested my water as being "acceptable" for fish and softies.

    After viewing the recent "BRStv Investigates: How accurate are nitrate test kits...", I decided to try the NYOS Nitrate kit. And it shows a very clear 25ppm. Not great, but obviously far off from the Red Sea test.

    Should I assume the Red Sea Nitrate test is fubar?

    I appreciate your knowledge and insight.
    Question by: Douglas Choma on May 26, 2017 1:12:00 AM
    Typically their tests are very good, but it does sound like there may be an issue with the nitrate test you got from Red Sea. As levels much above 50ppm can cause chronic health issues in coral and fish, they are more concerned with testing and monitoring levels within that range. Their instructions do have this to say for higher levels: "High Range: For levels of Nitrate above 50 ppm dilute 1 ml of the water to be
    tested with 4 ml of RO water. Multiply the result by 5 for true nitrate level. "

    Hope this helps!
    Answer by: Zack (Admin) on Jun 5, 2017 11:10:00 AM
    Good Afternoon,

    What is the shelf life of the "Red Sea Marine Care Test Kit"
    Question by: Chris d'Albenas on Dec 8, 2015 1:37:00 PM
    Great question!
    These will come with expiration dates on the bottles and retail packaging. You will want to replace if past these dates. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!
    Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Dec 10, 2015 6:50:00 PM