Aquaforest is a premier manufacturer saltwater and reef aquarium supplies based out of Poland that has quickly gained a reputation in the USA for growing inspiring reef tanks full of healthy, vibrant corals. Their lineup includes not only the high-quality additives and salt mix they are best known for but also nutrient-rich fish and coral foods, filtration media, reactors, and even a series of beautifully crafted glass aquariums and acrylic sumps. 

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Aquaforest takes a holistic approach and has curated complete systems for hobbyists that include salt mix, filtration media, substrate, additives, and even supplements to promote healthy bacteria. Using the product guide, simply find the best system suited to your particular aquarium and livestock.  You can also read through our comprehensive Buyer's Guides that help you make an educated choice and find the perfect product for your aquarium.  


Aquaforest Additives

More Color, More Growth, Happy Corals

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Aquaforest Salt Mix

Find the perfect salt mix to match your tank

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Aquaforest Probiotic Method

Maintain low nutrient levels and robust coral growth

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Aquaforest OceanGuard Aquariums

Elegant craftsmanship and intuitive design

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Aquaforest Sumps

Heavy-duty filtration for reef aquariums

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Aquaforest Aquascaping & Propagation Supplies

Rock, substrate, adhesives, and fragging supplies

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Aquaforest Fish & Coral Foods

Achieve vibrant coloration and vigorous growth

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Aquaforest Freshwater Supplies

Additives, media, medications, and more!

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