New Tank Shopping List


Shop Tanks & Stands

1. Tank & Stand

Choose a tank size that will accommodate the livestock you wish to keep and remember that larger aquariums are much easier in terms of maintaining stability. The general advice is to choose the largest tank that is within your budget and will fit within the space you have. Place the tank where it will not be neglected and is easily enjoyed by your family members - you're much less likely to neglect an aquarium in your living room than a tank in your basement. Lastly, be sure to choose a stand that compliments your home's decor and is built to support the weight of an aquarium filled with water.


Shop Screen Tops

2. Screen Top

Screen tops have become the preferred method of preventing your fish from jumping out of the aquarium and don't make the mistake of thinking you don't need one.  They can be a little cumbersome to remove during feeding and maintenance but consider one of the feeding portal accessories that create an easy access hatch for this very purpose! 


Shop Foam Mat

3. Foam Mat

A dense foam rubber mat is important for rimless-style aquariums and helps to relieve uneven pressure on the flat bottom panel of the aquarium. This not only helps to level the aquarium but also reduces the risk of developing pressure cracks in the glass over time. 


Shop Reverse Osmosis

4. RO/DI System

Having an RO/DI system at home allows you to quickly filter your tap water which is far more convenient than buying water from your local fish store. You can use this fresh RO/DI water to mix saltwater and for topping off the aquarium with freshwater that is lost to evaporation. While the upfront cost may seem like a bit much, the system will pay for itself within the first year when compared to the costs of buying premixed saltwater. Using RO/DI water also supports stability in your aquarium and prevents the accidental introduction of harmful contaminants.