Aquaforest uses high-purity raw materials and mixes the materials in their own laboratories to ensure quality control. Every single batch of Aquaforest salt mix is tested for quality assurance throughout the mixing process via three separate ICP tests. The batches are then labeled with a unique batch number that you can reference on their website and see the ICP test results of your exact batch of salt mix.  Each bucket includes a measuring cup and a tight-fitting lid to safely keep moisture out of the salt mix.

Choosing the Right Aquaforest Salt Mix

When choosing a salt mix for your saltwater or reef aquarium, you want the parameters of the freshly mixed saltwater to be as close as possible to the ideal or "target" parameters in your tank. Those parameters will vary depending on the exact salinity level being maintained. See the parameter charts to reference the expected levels of each salt mix at common salinity levels.

  • Aquaforest Sea Salt formula is a synthetic mix formulated for fish-only saltwater aquariums and reef aquariums containing soft corals. The included micro and macro elements are not boosted to accommodate the consumption you experience with stony corals. Mixed saltwater can safely be used immediately after dissolving clear and can safely be stored for up to 5 days with a tight-fitting lid. 
  • Aquaforest Reef Salt is the mix intended for use in a vast majority of reef aquariums containing stony corals, both LPS and SPS. The parameters are boosted and balanced to supply essential elements for reef-building stony corals. Mixed saltwater can safely be used immediately after dissolving clear and can safely be stored for up to 5 days with a tight-fitting lid.
  • Probiotic Reef Salt is formulated similarly to Reef Salt in the way of parameters but also contains carefully selected probiotic bacteria strains that will reduce nitrate and phosphate levels and prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Intended for ultra-low nutrient aquariums (ULNS) containing SPS corals. Probiotic Reef Salt is best used within 24 hours of dissolving clear and is not suitable for storage.
  • Hybrid Pro Salt contains a mixture of chemically pure laboratory-made salt with naturally sourced salt flakes from the North Atlantic Ocean. It is formulated to mimic the elemental ratios of natural seawater with increased levels of trace various elements that are commonly consumed in reef aquaria.  The addition of probiotics, amino acids, and vitamins aids in maintaining a balanced microbiological community, reduces nutrients, and promotes vigorous growth and coloration among corals. 
  • Reef Salt+ is tailored to the experienced reef aquarist and very mature reef aquariums containing large growing colonies of stony corals. The elevated levels of calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium help to supply these vital elements to growing corals when a weekly 10% water change schedule is maintained.  

Aquaforest Salt Mix Parameter Analysis

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Sea Salt Parameters
Reef Salt Parameters
Reef Salt+ Parameters
Hybrid Pro Parameters


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Aquaforest Sea Salt
Aquaforest Sea Salt Mix
For fish-only and
soft coral aquariums

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Aquaforest Reef Salt
Aquaforest Reef Salt Mix
For reef aquariums containing
stony corals (LPS & SPS)

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Aquaforest Probiotic Reef Salt Mix
Aquaforest Probiotic Reef Salt Mix

For ultra-low nutrient aquariums
containing SPS corals

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Aquaforest Sea Salt
Aquaforest Reef Salt+
Contains elevated levels of Ca, Alk, and Mag
for mature reef aquariums with large coral colonies.

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Aquaforest Sea Salt
Aquaforest Hybrid Pro Salt
Contains probiotics for microbiological balance and
naturally lower nitrate and phosphate levels.

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