Aquaforest Additives

Aquaforest takes a comprehensive approach to maintain reef aquariums and in addition to additives, they have developed complete systems that include recommendations for salt mix, nutrition, and biofiltration products specific to your tank type. Download the Aquaforest Product Guide for more information on the complete line of Aquaforest products and start developing the perfect system for your reef.

How To Choose The Right Aquaforest Additives

When it comes to maintaining water chemistry using additives, Aquaforest makes complete systems containing multiple additives as well as individual additives to target specific elements. It is best to approach your reef aquarium wholistically for everyday maintenance and only make specific adjustments as needed. Choosing the right system will be done based on the type of aquarium you have and the level of demand your corals create for major, minor, and trace elements but you should also consider your experience level and own personal preferences.


Aquaforest Component Bundle
Component 1+, 2+, 3+ Bundle

Modeled after the popular Balling Method, the Component Bundle is Aquaforest's easy solution to essential major element supplementation in a reef tank. It will maintain calcium, alkalinity, magnesium, and all of the minor and trace elements at the proper ratio found in natural seawater to avoid an ionic imbalance. It consists of 3 individual liquid solutions designed for daily addition based on your aquariums demand. Does not require mixing or dissolving and comes ready to dose. 

Aquaforest Calcium, KH Buffer, and Magnesium
Calcium, KH Buffer, Magnesium, Reef Mineral Salt, and Component Strong A, B, C, K

Dry supplements used to maintain essential elements in a reef aquarium and to maintain an ionic balance. Each additive is to be dissolved into RO/DI water to create a liquid additive solution for direct dosing. Calcium and Magnesium can be mixed together while KH Buffer and Reef Mineral Salt are dosed separately. You can also add the Component Strong A, B, C, K to replenish minor and trace elements in more mature aquariums. Requires mixing but is an economical and more advanced dosing system for medium-heavy demand aquariums. 

Aquaforest Lab

AF Lab

Concentrated liquid additives designed to individually adjust and maintain major, minor, and trace elements in reef aquaria. To be used alongside Aquaforest ICP testing for precision control over your aquariums elements and ionic balance. The most advanced approach to maintaining essential elements and typically employed on mature mixed or SPS dominant aquariums with heavy demand.

Components Pro is a package that includes Ca Plus, kH Plus, and Mg Plus which are also available individually. All of the minor and trace elements are available individually.

Aquaforest Ca, kH, and Mg Plus
Ca Plus, kH Plus, and Mg Plus

Individual liquid additives designed to adjust calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium levels without altering any other elements in the water.  Can be used to maintain major elements in low-demand aquariums or make adjustments to restore stability in the aquarium. Easy to use liquid additives that don't contain any minor or trace elements. 

Aquaforest Starter Pack
Starter Pack

Everything you need to get a new reef aquarium started including salt mix, filter media, biofiltration, test kits, and additives. Designed to be an introduction to the comprehensive Aquaforest system and is suitable for tanks up to 66 gallons. When starting a larger aquarium, you simply need to purchase some additional salt mix to accommodate the amount of saltwater you're going to need because everything else will work on aquariums of any size. 

Aquaforest Micro E
Micro E

A single liquid concentration of essential heavy metals that are required by all marine organisms. Contains manganese, vanadium, zinc, nickel, iron, chromium, cobalt, and copper and can be used alongside Calcium, KH Buffer, Magnesium, and Reef Mineral Salt. Specifically beneficial for mature reef aquariums where corals are growing and consuming microelements and nutrients. Micro E is an alternative to Component B.

Aquaforest Trace Elements
Trace Elements

Individual Trace element solutions to make adjustments as needed based on coral consumption or to be used alongside Calcium, KH Buffer, Magnesium, and Reef Mineral Salt. Different corals consume different elements at different rates so the consumption is going to vary from tank to tank.  These common trace elements allow you to accommodate your tank's needs over and above your comprehensive dosing system. Regular ICP testing can help monitor your dosing. With the inclusion of MicroE, these elements together can be an alternative to using Component Strong