AF Build Coral Growth Enhancement

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10 mL AF Build Coral Growth Enhancement

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50 mL AF Build Coral Growth Enhancement

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AF Build helps promote the adsorption of calcium and carbonates that corals need to help grow their stony structure. Speeds up the intake of calcium and alkalinity into the corals structure by maintaining correct pH levels and improving water clarity. The balanced additive also helps correct pH issues while preventing the growth of pathogenic blue-green algae and hair algae. 


AF Build can be used with:

  • SPS corals
  • LPS Corals
  • Clams & other filter feeders


Two sizes available:

  • 10 mL
  • 50 mL

Aquaforest Systems Guide



1 drop per 100 L (27 gal) every other day when the lights are off.


Ingredients: Carbonates, Calcium, and Iodides

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