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Aquaforest KH Plus is a highly concentrated solution for raising carbonate hardness (alkalinity) levels in marine aquariums. Proper ionic balance in important to coral skeletal growth and health. KH Plus was created for maintaining sudden carbonate hardness drops and restoring the ionic balance in the aquarium. Due to the presence of carbonate ions, KH Plus also helps to maintain stable pH levels in the aquarium.

  • Concentrated alkalinity supplement
  • Key element for development and growth of coral skeletons
  • Supports stable pH level



  • 10 ml of KH Plus solution raises carbonate hardness by 0.5 dKH in 100 l (27 US gal) of water. 
  • The maximum daily dose is 10 ml for 100 l (27 US gal) of water.
  • Recommended level: 6.5 -8.5 dKH.
  • Do not raise dKH more than 0.5 dKH per 24 hours. 
  • Always test Mg, Ca, and KH levels in your aquarium prior to dosing.


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