New Tank Shopping List


Shop Powerheads

1. Powerhead

Powerheads are critical for the health of your corals and help you to maintain water quality by keeping waste and leftover food suspended where it can more easily be removed via your filtration. We have a great video and tutorial all about choosing the right powerhead for your tank. Check it out here >> Choosing a Reef Tank Wavemaker - What to Know & Handy Tips!

Shop Return Pumps

2. Return Pumps

Return pumps are often called the "heart" of your aquarium because these are the primary pumps that circulate water through a filtration or life support system. When choosing a pump, it's important you choose a pump that is strong enough to provide the necessary flow for your particular plumbing and filtration. DC controllable pumps are the go-to choice for saltwater aquarists because they are quiet, efficient, and controllable.  Learn more >> How To Properly Size A Return Pump For An Aquarium

Pump Cleaner

3. Pump Cleaner

It is recommended that you remove and clean your water pumps every 30-60 days to help ensure both longevity and performance. Citric acid is the preferred choice for cleaning aquarium pumps because the acidic solution will dissolve stubborn calcareous deposits and algae. 

Return Flow Nozzle

4. Return Flow Nozzle

Return flow nozzles come in all shapes and sizes and they are designed to optimize the distribution of water that enters your display aquarium from the return pump. These nozzles not only give you the ability to direct the flow of water but there are also specialty flow nozzles that create varied, more natural flow patterns.