Aquaforest designed the OceanGuard line of aquariums alongside experienced engineers and their team of passionate aquarists that know firsthand what it takes to achieve success in the reef aquarium hobby. Their dedication to quality is uncompromised which shows in every last detail of these reef-ready aquarium kits and we could not be more excited to offer these beautiful aquariums to you, our fellow hobbyists. 

The OceanGuard is a complete aquarium system designed for you to build the aquarium of your dreams and each kit includes:

  • Glass aquarium
  • Pre-assembled cabinet stand (605, 790, and 980 models include storage compartment and shelf)
  • Interchangeable colored panels
  • Internal overflow box
  • Easy to install schedule 80 PVC plumbing including drain, gate valve, and check valve
  • Adjustable acrylic sump
  • Foam leveling mats for both the sump and aquarium

In addition to the incredible quality and craftsmanship, we appreciate the ease of setup with these tanks. They are securely shipped inside a wooden crate and can be set up within an hour. The structural framework of the stand is already put together, all you need to do is bolt on the colored panels using a few wingnuts, attach the doors with some screws, then slide the sump and shelf into place.  Plumbing is all done using unions and is pre-cut, you won't have to fuss with any gluing or struggle with difficult bulkheads. Both the aquarium and sump have pre-installed foam leveling mats to absorb vibrations and reduce the risk of any pressure points on the tank and sump. 

Oceanguard Aquariums are the only 100% European Union made aquariums with a B31 Safety Certification and come with a 4-year manufacturer warranty.  

OceanGuard 275

OceanGuard 435

OceanGuard 605

OceanGuard 790

OceanGuard 980