Aquaforest Sumps

Aquaforest sumps are constructed of almost entirely PVC material making these heavy-duty filters durable and scratch resistant. The intelligent design integrates a 3 chamber filtration system alongside a dedicated ATO Reservoir to store your top-off water. Each sump includes dual filter socks with diffusers that can easily be swapped out for Aquaforest media reactors which fit right inside the filter sock brackets.  Cascading chambers help reduce water noise and an adjustable baffle helps you to accommodate your protein skimmer's ideal submersion depth. The clear side panels have water-level markings on both the middle filtration chamber and freshwater ATO reservoir so you can easily check the sump at a glance. 

The sumps are available in 5 different sizes and feature and open top design for easy integration into any plumbing situation.

Model Total Water Volume Dimensions
AF 275 24.8 gallons 19.7"L x 16.3"W x 17.9"H
AF 435 33.1 gallons 23.6"L x 18.3"W x 17.7"H
AF 605 46.1 gallons 31.5"L x 19.1"W x 17.7"H
AF 790 53.4 gallons 35.4"L x 19.9"W x 17.7"H
AF 980 67.3 gallons 43.3"L x 20.3"W x 17.7"H