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The Component A, B, C system works in harmony with other Aquaforest additives and the probiotic method. Component A is a balanced mixture of strontium and barium that will help accelerate the growth of corals and filter feeders. It is recommended to dose Components A along with Component B and C in equal proportions. 


If you use the Probiotic method or other methods that incorporate zeolite media, it is necessary to add back the elements that the zeolites absorb to minimize starvation of the corals


Component A can be used with:

  • SPS corals
  • LPS Corals
  • Clams & other filter feeders


Two Sizes Available:

  • 150 mL
  • 2000 mL

Aquaforest Systems Guide



Once a week add 10mL of Component A per 54 gallons of aquarium water (for smaller tanks 10 drops per 10 liters). For daily dosing take your weekly dose, and divide by seven for your daily dosing amount.


Contains: Strontium, barium

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