The AquaticLife HALO is a new LED Light fixture from AquaticLife that was engineered and designed to include all of the features that modern day hobbyists demand. It houses a clustered LED chip with 8 different colors and a total of 25 individual diodes. It will effectively cover a 24” x 24” area and produces a brilliant natural shimmer within your aquarium. It produces full spectrum light and includes 5 different blue LED chips and 2 different UV chips which will really bring out the color of your corals. It is actively cooled with a quiet fan that pulls air in from the top and exhausts out of the sides.

The fixture comes in two styles, the Deluxe and basic. The Deluxe version includes a built in digital timer and includes manual control knobs for both intensity and color. The basic model lacks the control features but can be governed by one of the deluxe models or any of the third party controllers with the 0-10v control capability. Both models can be daisy chained together in order for you to run multiple fixtures and control from a single source.

The built in digital timer is fairly simple and really easy to understand. All you need to do is set the clock then enter the on/off times for both color channels and the ramp time. The maximum intensity and overall spectrum are set using the control knobs on top. AquaticLife has a great video you can view on our YouTube Channel or in the product description that gives you a step by step run through the digital timer.

You can easily suspend it via the two connections on top or they also offer a mounting arm that screws into the threaded hole on top. We were impressed with the mounting arm because of the strong bracket that will fit onto tanks up to 1 3/8" wide and it is hollow which allows you to feed the cord through the mount making for a clean installation. The mounts also come in two sizes, one for 18” wide aquariums and one for 24” wide aquariums.

This is one of the first serious competitors to the very popular Kessil A360 LED lights and we are all excited to see how they measure up. The AquaticLife does have some advantages with a lower price point, built in timer and two different lens options.

If you are looking for an new LED light to rival the brilliance of Metal Halide or simply have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us because our customer service team is always eager to help.

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