HMS Single Light Mount Kit - Aqua Illumination

HMS single light
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HMS Single Light Mount Kit - Aqua Illumination

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Quick Overview

The Hydra FiftyTwo and TwentySix LED lights now have a single light tank mounting option that uses rigid rails, and let you fully customize the positioning of your LED light.  The Single Light Mounts look great on their own, or if you can use multiple units for a super clean, industrial appearance.

Includes brackets for Hydra TwentySix and FiftyTwo Lights.

  • Rails can slide for positioning

  • Clamps on tanks with rims up to 1.125" thick

  • Light brackets twist for perfect coverage


Full Details

The HMS Single Arm Mounting Kit is perfect for tanks that only need a single Hydra LED unit, or if you want to have multiple units without a rail running across your tank. The kit comes with mounting brackets for the FiftyTwo and TwentySix series of LED lights that can slide forward, backward, and also twist within the rails for the ideal position. The height of the mounting system can also be adjusted making it a great industrial looking mounting system for the Aqua Illumination Hydra LED lighting systems.


Between the HMS Rails, and the modular mounting brackets for the tank, and the light the HMS Single Arm can be fully adjusted to fit virtually any size tank from 10 gallons and up.



Max Tank Thickness - 1.125"

Max Height - 13.0"

Max Outreach - 14.3"


What's Included?

1x Hydra FiftyTwo Bracket

1x Hydra TwentySix Bracket

1x Pivoting Bracket

2x Mounting Clamps

2x 15" Rails


7 Items

  • Best Mount AI Has to offer! By FLSharkvictim on 9/22/2017

    Yea, my Hydra HD Twenty Six's lean a tad bit but that bad at all. in my opinion, its the best single arm kit or any other kit that AI makes to install your AI's.. I have 3 Hydra Twenty Six HD LED's and it's wat better look then installing them across the tank with there Multi-Light Mount Kit. Spec on my tank is 60'' x 24'' x 24. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
  • Wish I could give 0 stars... By Matt on 9/8/2017

    There are so many flaws with this mount I can't believe AI sent this product to market; it almost seems like a prototype.

    First off, you will need AT LEAST 4-5" of clearance between your tank and the wall in order to tighten the set screws that holds the bracket to the tank. In my case, I only had 3.5" of clearance and had to add a 1/2" piece of acrylic on the inside of the tank to increase this clearance to 4". Now, I BARELY had enough room to get the allen key between the wall and the head of the screw. Simply making the head of the screw larger or making it like a wing-nut would have made a huge difference as you simply cannot tighten it by hand with such a small head.

    Secondly, the screws that clamp the brackets to the side of the vertical aluminum extrusion are about 1/16" of an inch too long. This makes the screw bottom out into the aluminum and results in a loose bracket. Not desirable when trying to prevent the light from sagging.

    Thirdly, the weight distribution is terrible. With the hydra weighing around 3.5 lbs hanging 13" over the tank, the clamps are placing around 45 in-lbs of torque on the rim of the tank. This torque is applied to two very small point-loads instead of evenly distributing the load by using a larger plastic shim. If you look at the tank clamps on the Kessil gooseneck mounts, you'll see what I'm talking about.

    Lastly, the screw that attaches the Hydra bracket to the horizontal arm is covered in thread lock. Once I tightened it down, the head stripped before the thread lock gave way.

    Overall, I am not pleased. I made it work but it shouldn't be this difficult when AI could have made some minor improvements that would have made a huge difference in the usability of their product.
  • Great Quality, Poor Design By TheSnoMonster on 9/6/2017

    Starting off, this is a great product but has some major design flaws. With the major problem being the mounting option. Yes it fits and yes it holds in place, but It doesn't want to sit up straight and only has the 26HD attached.

    Mounting - Expect to have your tank a minimum of 2.5" from the wall. I had to mount the stand on the side of a rimless 50gal cube since wall space did not allow (2"). A rim tank would require more space and could possibly reach 4" gap. More on the mounting hardware, since the mount is now on the side and not in the weir, the lower tips of the "fingers" are in the water. Is this even ok, they feel like aluminum but could also be a dense plastic?? I'm currently debating if this is acceptable for my standards, current standing, barely. A small screw on the side mounts the bracket to the rail. Clever slide support and flipping the mounting screw for ambidexterous mounting. The screw on one side seems to bottom out in the rail and doesn't pull the bracket into the stand and remains somewhat loose/wobbly. With the screw bottom and the nut in the rail being the new mounting point, the bracket stays in place, however, wobbles on the screw.

    Rail - Beautifully finished extruded aluminum is always a nice clean look and rarely has any problems.

    Corner - A bracket is included that helps achieve the 90deg angle... helps... This is no regular bracket, it has odd angles at which you need to tighten small screws, that are also potentially bottoming out, only after you find out the allen wrench provided doesn't fit these screws perfectly (rounded one screw to figure this one out) the leveling system is nice, but with all the slop in machining (hinges mostly) the light can also wobble a little if bumped (shock absorption?).

    Light Mount - The money shines here. A billet aluminum, CNC cut, anodized black beauty to rest atop your small fortune. Although the brackets are super nice, another major design flaw. I shouldn't say design flaw, but more preventative damage, why not felt or small plastic barrier to separate the light from the bracket. I'm no math genius but I know the AI is in the top most expensive lights, why not protect it or even protect the bracket. It did come with a nylon washer for the rail to light bracket section. Not too sure on this one..

    I wouldn't recommend this product and don't even know if I'm willing to keep this setup.
  • The mount works on rimmed tanks with minimal effort. By Ricksreefs on 5/4/2017

    So does the RMS arm work without extra help? YES. Is this the RMS arm? NO.

    You need to add shims or a plastic block inside the tank if you have a tank rim. The ecotech arm has it built in. The arm works well if you have more than 3 brain cells to rub together.
  • Problem with Rim Tanks Not a Big Deal By Michael on 4/17/2017

    It is true that this mount kit is perfect for rimless tanks and will work on other tanks without some modification. My tanks is not rimless and the brace will not work to hold the weight of the HD52's mounted to each kit. I added a shim, I made from some scape acylic nad added a couple of frag bases between the acrylic shim and the mount clamp. This supports the weight effectively and it is a nice mount and would work for a large variety of tank sizes. I give it four sars, I would give it five stars if the required sims where premade and provided with the kit (much like is done with as EcoTech's Vortech pumps). This would be easy for Aqua-illuminations to add to each kit and would help them stand out as a top notch aquarium equipment provider.
  • Not bad needs some work By RicksReefs on 3/6/2017

    You can use this bracket with a black rim tank you need to add shims to the bracket. The other guy that posted wasn't using his thinking cap and returned the product. That being said its not a perfect product but it is ten time better looking than the rails and legs.
  • Poorly designed By Matt K on 1/25/2017

    I purchased this from another retailer. Would have ordered it from BRS, but it was out of stock. I just wanted to share with folks, this will NOT work if you have a standard braced 'black rim' aquarium. I emailed AI for a solution 6 days ago and have heard nothing back so I returned the items. I guess they think everyone has a rimless tank these days. I'm not a fan and my tank is 4 years old. No intentions of getting a new tank. I ended up going with 2 EXT rails, with 12" extensions (which seems so user-unfriendly that you have to buy separate parts but I guess that's so folks can get the length they need. Why not make it adjustable?). And even then, I had to jury-rig the lights because they are made to attach to the rails one way, with the light sitting perpendicular to the tank as opposed to parallel. Again, they could have made it modular so you can turn the light with the EXT system. Must have been an afterthought. SO, I was trying to make it look professional buying the AI mount, but still had to DIY to get it to work.
    Otherwise, they are very well made. Very sturdy. Nice finish on the metal. But designed well IMO.


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Product Questions

Hello! I am wanting to add two AI Hydra 52 lights over a Red Sea Reefer 250 via two of the HMS mounting arms. Would the weight of two Hydra 52's mounted to the glass with these HMS mounts be a cause for concern with the Reefer 250? Thank you for your help!
Question by: Renee on May 9, 2017 6:33:00 PM
Hey there,
The HMS mounts will work just fine with your Reefer and there should be no need for concern.

Happy reefing!
Answer by: Zack (Admin) on May 14, 2017 11:14:00 AM