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Eliminate shadows caused by large coral colonies, rockwork, or braces on your tank. 


LED lighting offers a number of advantages over older reef lighting technology, but one challenge we face is shadowing in our reef tanks. Due to the tightly confined light sources, the intensity of our LED lights tends to be narrowly focused and very straight down, offering little dispersion. This can be especially problematic for larger coral colonies where they may become light-starved in deeper parts of the colony. The Kessil Full Angle Adapter offers a unique solution to this issue by allowing each LED module to be mounted at an angle to the water. This creates better intersection between light sources and allows the corals to receive light from different angles.


The adapter is compatible with the Kessil Mounting Arm, Gooseneck Adapter, and DIY mounting solutions. It is easy to install and adjust, allowing for you to angle your tank`s light source and create your desired aesthetics in mere minutes!



  • Reduced Shadowing
  • Compatible with A Series & H Series Kessil LED Lights
  • Installs in under a minute
  • 360° Adjustability




What's Included?

  • 1x Full Angle Adapter
  • 2x Screws ( M3 L12mm for A360WE/NE,H380,H350)
  • 2x Screws )M3 L7mm for A360X,A160WE,A80,H160,H80)
  • 1x Knob for gooseneck
  • 1x A360X gooseneck bracket
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