Prime Flex Arm - 18 Inch - Aqua Illumination

Prime Flex Arm 18 inch
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  • Prime Flex Arm 18 inch
  • Prime Flex Arm 18 inch
  • Prime Flex Arm 18 inch

Prime Flex Arm - 18 Inch - Aqua Illumination

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Quick Overview

The Flex Arm mount for Aqua Illumination Prime lights is one of the easiest mounting solutions for Aqua Illumination Prime LED lights. The flexible arm allows you to perfectly place your Prime LED above your aquarium for the best results within minutes. The included wire clips keeps the Prime's power cord neat and tidy allowing for a super clean installation.

  • Easy Installation

  • Wire management clips

  • Soft coated arm

  • Compatible with Rimmed or Rimless tanks up to 1.20" (30mm)


Flexible Arm Length - 19"

Total Overall Length - 22"


Full Details

The Aqua Illumination Prime Flex Arm was designed to exclusively work with AI Prime LED lights. The mount is very robust, and adaptable allowing you to use the Flex Arm on any type of aquarium rim up to 1.20" (30mm). The flexible portion of the arm has a silicone coating allowing easy cleaning while protecting it from moisture.


The included set screw system allows you to twist the arm within the base letting you fully secure your Prime LED to the screw attachment point. After your Prime has been snugged to the Flex Arm, you can loosen the set screw located within the base and twist the arm until it is perfectly flat, then tighten the set screw (do not over tighten the set screw, hand tighten only).


One of the biggest issues with mounting lights can be wire management, and the Flex Arm even has that covered, supplying clips that can attach directly to the Flex Arm and secure the power cord for the Prime LED, keeping things neat and clean.


Whats Included

1x 18" Flex Arm

1x Base Screw

1x Base Plug

3x Cable Routing Clips

1x Allen Wrench

1x Base Mounting Gasket


Note: When installing the Flex Arm do not adjust the arm while it is mounted to the rim of any tank. Excess force from adjustments may put excess stress on the glass or acrylic.


10 Items

  • Prime Went For a Swim By Wendy on 11/20/2017

    I was worried about the instability of the clamp from day 1. Had it screwed on the back of my new IM Fusion 20 as tight as possible, within a week the single plastic clamp screw had twisted off the black backing film on the tank. Within 1 month the Prime had tipped over into the tank. Thankfully it do not fry my fish.
  • Ruined my $250 light By Dub on 2/10/2017

    This failed 3 weeks after it was installed. My light went for a swim and is now worthless. Not a happy camper!
  • Worst Mounting Design Ever By Cd on 2/2/2017

    It is hard to believe AI could make a light this nice and then sell this POS as the mounting bracket. Make the bracket an inch wider and add a 2nd screw and it would probably work great. As is, it is TERRIBLE!!!
  • Not The best design By Philip C on 12/17/2016

    The arm is a bit difficult to work with such a small screw on an 18" arm, I would look for an alternative flex arm. I got it to work with a little tinkering. But I have a screen atop my 20g tank. so if it decided to go for a swim the screen will stop it from falling into the tank. Surprised at AL they put out such nice LED fixture but this mounting option needs some work.
  • Good design. By Mitch P. on 9/12/2016

    Better than their than their original mount design for this Prime light. I bought the 18 inch for my 10 gallon IM Fusion tank and it's too long. I will go with the 12 inch for the 10 gallon and save this 18 inch for my Red Sea Reefer.
  • pastic mountign screw bends immediatly By Doug on 9/11/2016

    Stay away from this mount. As another reviewer said, there is a single plastic screw used to secure the mount to the back of your tank. It bends as you screw it in so the light will not be secure on the tank. If you dont have a lid, expect to buy a new light in 2 months guaranteed. It WILL fall in eventually. I cant believe they havent recalled this yet honestly.
  • Garbage By goeck on 7/5/2016

    At first, I thought this would be ideal, having the flexibility of the adjustable arm. However the plastic mounting bracket broke within 12 hours of being on my tank.
  • Best option to-date By Spikerbox on 5/21/2016

    This arm really is the best option to-date for the AI Prime. It's not perfect, but I've not had any troubles mounting it. Unlike a previous reviewer, it does not slide around on the glass. Cord management works pretty well. Yes, you can see it from one point of view to another, but it's not looking like a kid's science project!
  • Good arm, better than the other mounts By Bigjimmy428 on 5/16/2016

    The flex arm is alot better than the static mount. The set screw on the bottom can be tricky but not any worse than the problems with the light set screws on the other type of mount. Take note that the pictures do not show the cord, it runs down the flex neck with included Clips. It is visible when mounted.
  • Poorly designed By Luke on 5/12/2016

    A small single nylon screw holds the mount on the tank. It is not stable and slides around. The 18" version is way too heavy to be supported by that. There should have been two screws at least. One day your light could end up taking a swim with these things.


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Product Questions

Does this work with the prime HD model as well?
Question by: Hoss on Jun 25, 2016 1:36:00 AM
Absolutely. The mounts are identical.
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Jun 29, 2016 5:42:00 PM